No Time For Bond

James Bond has been hit by the Coronavirus, that’s right 007 which was due for release in a month (2nd April) has now been pushed back until November. MGM, Universal and the producers of No Time To Die announced this yesterday. Considering cinemas had just started taking bookings in the past week as well it is truly devastating for them and the abuse they are now going to face from people who were already demanding refunds.

The new release date for the UK is now 12th November 2020 and the US on 25th November 2020 and other worldwide release dates to follow!

This is probably not the only film that is going to panic and push a release date due to being scarred by the Coronavirus and the impact it would have on the box office, certainly adding to the media frenzy of being over the top and scaring everyone into not even going to the cinema let alone anywhere else. The reason I feel that strongly is because only a couple of travel bans still exist so if you can still travel nearly all over the world surely it is not as big a crisis as they are trying to make out?

I might be a tad cynical given I have cancelled a trip for when I was meant to be going to Japan, Tokyo for the marathon which was cancelled. Therefore deciding not to go, as surely if it was not safe enough to have that on then it wasn’t safe enough in general? Something that was a very tough decision to handle although if I had still gone from the Saturday would have had nothing to do considering they closed Disneyland and all other big tourist places! So how can places close and not airports, that is something I really don’t get.

No Time To Die changing the release date will have a massive impact on all cinemas not only in the UK but across the world. Release dates are carefully put in place and I am very much doubting many other films were planning on trying to compete with Bond so we are going to have a good month where we will only be getting some very small films. This might not seem like a big issue but for some cinemas that are struggling anyway the box office from a film like this happening in April could really help the profits for the whole year and waiting until November could be fatal for some smaller cinemas.

The build up surrounding the film had already been gaining momentum with it being Daniel Craig’s final outing as Bond. Something we still did not have confirmed though was the exact running time, I had been looking on Cineworld to book tickets for the Friday and it had 0 minutes. But the screening times must have been placed around a certain time frame. Something that really excited me was that for the Boldon Cineworld currently undergoing a refurbishment it was going to be on the new SuperScreen!

This news is certainly going to make the cinemas panic and how long before we see them starting to close as well? Where are we meant to go, I mean come on screenings hardly ever sell out this would be the perfect opportunity to just not sit near anyone at all, something I already do!

5 thoughts on “No Time For Bond

  1. Makes the reveal of the title song seem ill-timed, just going to show how sudden/last-minute this decision was. I think it was the right move though; quite a few blockbusters if they do get released may suffer if people either choose (or are forced) to stay away from cinemas this summer. If cinemas in some countries actually close for several weeks, some lower-budgeted films might even go straight to streaming via Netflix.

    Thank goodness Dune isn’t due until December.

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    • Yeah, still all a massive overreaction though which makes it even more frustrating. Things like this are one of the reasons people are panic buying because of the way the media are reporting on everything.


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