It Takes Two (1995) Review


Two identical strangers Alyssa and Amanda from very different backgrounds meet by chance one day and decide that swapping places would help change their lives for the better, or would it?


Alyssa Callaway is a rich kid and had been away at school, on returning home her father Roger is planning on marrying Clarice Kensington which is certainly not a good idea as she quite frankly is not a very nice person at all. Vincenzo the trusted family butler has always been there for Alyssa.

Amanda Lemmon is an orphan who has managed to prevent her self from getting adopted on many occasions. She would love nothing more than Diane Burrows who works in the children’s home to adopt her, but it is more complicated than that. When she is taken to the Butkis family who pretty much collect kids, although a big issue with this one and you would hope that they would have properly been checked out.

When the two girls meet when both running away Alyssa from her huge home and Amanda from the Camp just across the river they are at first freaked out that they look identical, but then realise they can use it to their advantage and help each other out. Suddenly the street wise Amanda must speak properly and the well spoken Alyssa must go street!

When this happens though Diane and Vincenzo are the two who really notice that something is not quite right with the girls but cannot quite work it out. Although who would suddenly think that you found someone identical and swapped lives? Amanda attempts to see off Clarice as let’s face it no one wants her as a step-mother.

This film was easily one of my childhood favourites, the Olsen Twins are only a year older than myself so I adored watching their films and tv shows because it felt like it could have been me. I also went through a stage where I wished I had a twin and I really think they are the reason for this. Sometimes it is hard to watch a film you loved as a child but this one still has a little bit going for me. It actually has some nice moments and raises some decent issues.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were very impressive child actors it has to be said and in this film they take on the usual roles we expect from them but then doing the swap gives them the challenge of being both parts. Steve Guttenberg and Kirstie Alley were both popular in family films during the late 80s and 90s and I can fully understand why putting them both together would be such a great idea! Phillip Bosco is such a scene stealer and a joy to watch throughout. Jane Sibbett who we all know as Carol in Friends (the replacement Carol anyway) and I have a feeling that because of her role in this film I have never been the biggest fan, something I find amusing as it shows that sometimes characters actors take on cannot be erased from memory!

I have to admit that I was very excited seeing this added to Netflix UK and after noticing it I watched it a day later. I really hope it finds a new generation of kids that it can entertain, it didn’t really feel too dated which I guess is surprising although kids these days might wonder where the smart phone and tablets are!

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