Destination Wedding (2018) Review


Lindsay and Frank get off on the wrong foot standing in a queue at the airport, only to find out that they are indeed both attending the same wedding. Both miserable and pretty much given up on life they obviously then get on very well!


To be brutally honest I had not even heard of this film which I felt was a shame considering Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder are both still pretty big and well known. An interesting project for them both to take on and while I did enjoy the negative characters considering we don’t get too many of those leading a film like this, it was lacking a lot of well heart.

Frank was going to the wedding of his brother or I was more guessing half brother as his comment was they shared a mother. Considering we then learnt some pretty nasty things about his father I felt it confirmed that theory. Lindsay was actually previously engaged to the groom and felt she needed closure seeing him marry someone else. She had never actually met Frank but they then knew of each other.

Everything about the weekend at the destination wedding meant they were constantly put together, they actually were drawn to one another as well considering they both shared a hatred towards life and other people. Very cynical due to life treating them badly. They are the only two characters who actually communicate throughout the film and that is something we have seen before I just didn’t think this was as good as Conversations with Other Women which is done in a similar style at a wedding.

It has one of the most cringeworthy and therefore worst sex scenes that I have ever watched. I know that was the point to show that even the sex between them was going to be awkward and not perfect, but it was therefore uncomfortable and difficult to watch. Although I guess it was the only time I actually wanted to laugh throughout the film, especially with the mountain lion or whatever big cat it was not too far away.

Expected a little bit more than the end product of this with Keanu Reeves being a super popular actor in recent times, probably even more so than when he was younger. I guess we can all relate to being bitter and twisted by a certain age. I’m pretty sure I would be like them at a wedding now with no intention of actually wanting to be there at all. In terms of actually watching it as a film even with an 87 minute running time it feels so much longer than that.

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