Jojo Rabbit (2019) Review


When Jojo discovers his mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their home his position in Hitler’s army is put at risk as he must decide what to do with the situation.


Jojo Rabbit is exactly the type of film that we need in the world right now. A satire of World War II which follows a German boy named Jojo who only has one friend in Yorki and his imaginary friend who just happens to be Adolf Hitler. His mother Rosie has a good heart and loves her son but cannot really understand his Nazi loving choices, especially at ten years old. When he meets Elsa a young Jewish girl who is hiding in their house he must really begin to learn about life.

The standard of the film is set within the first few minutes and if you don’t find yourself at least smiling as Jojo leaves the house in his Nazi uniform to a Beatles song then this won’t be the film for you. Starting as it means to go on in terms of song and music placement which fits so well within the film.

Jojo sees himself as a Nazi and Hitler as the ultimate god and must hate Jews even though he doesn’t realise that they are actually just normal people very much like himself. This certainly allows for so many amusing scenes from start to finish. In all honesty though I was not entirely sure what to expect from this film and sometimes that can be a very good thing indeed, but when a film has a lot of critical acclaim and already raking up the awards nominations it can then be difficult. I am therefore happy to report and confirm this more than deserves everything that it has been given (so far) and then some! The friendship Jojo has with Yorki must not be ignored and is a constant throughout the film just when you may forget they are reunited at the time when they need each other the most, doesn’t that totally sum up some friendships? I certainly think so!

As I mentioned earlier this is the film the world needs right now as we get to laugh out loud at so many different things. We all need to laugh more often! It has different styles of comedy and humour but it also has a good heart at the core, which also means it can break your heart as well. Having a couple of scenes which will really test you, now that was unexpected after the way the film started and went on. It takes you utterly off guard and destroys you in seconds, adding in a truly emotional turn.

Roman Griffin Davis in his first ever film role delivers a truly out of this world leading performance, one of the best I have seen from such a young actor. So impressive from start to finish, really driving the film and allowing so much enjoyment from his impressive range of acting. When you then throw in Scarlett Johansson and Sam Rockwell in supporting roles it was always going to work out very well. Not forgetting Taika Waititi being utterly hilarious as a rather camp Adolf. Thomason MacKenzie offers an amazing performance as Elsa and works so well with Roman, the pair really bringing out fantastic acting in one another. A true joy to watch.

Rebel Wilson, Alfie Allen and Stephen Merchant all being more cameo roles but so effective in such a short space of time. Archie Yates another first time film performer was very impressive as well, tugging at the heartstrings with some of his lines and then the way he bonds with Roman! While the film does belong to Roman Griffin Davis, I really do hope he is given so much credit along with awards which is only what he truly deserves.

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