The Addams Family (1991) Review


The Addams Family aren’t like other families but when a con artist plans on trying to fleece them of a fortune they get Gordon Craven to pose as long lost Uncle Fester.


This is one of those films that I have watched so many times over the years. I guess almost from when it was released, I mean I was only 4 when it was released but I guess it would have only been a couple of years later that I would have seen it really. The 90s were pretty amazing in terms of films that we got aimed at kids in the spooky style.

Living in a creepy house Morticia and Gomez are gothic and while they breed hate they are still massively in love with one another. Two kids Wednesday and Pugsley who try constantly to hurt and kill each other, but apparently that is just what Addams siblings do! With Thing, which is basically just a hand and creepy Lurch as doorman/servant it is not your usual set up.

Tully Alford has worked for the family for many years and comes up with a plan with Margaret Alford to steal the fortune that they believe the family have. Claiming that Gomez is rather simple, and that they can have Gordon pose as his long lost brother Fester. After they had a falling out for some reason, something that he could not really find out about.

Wednesday and Pugsley take rather well to the return of an Uncle even if Wednesday was very unsure if it was really him or not. The main thing that the film has going for it is the one liners and Christina Ricci certainly gets the best moments as Wednesday and this is something that I feel I appreciate even more watching the film now. Such an amazing performance from someone who was so young!

This is not a film that you can take too seriously at all, you have to just take it as it is and enjoy the different moments within it. The crazy family and performances that then come with this. I have already mentioned a young Christina Ricci, then add in Christopher Lloyd as Uncle Fester and is eccentric manner. Raul Julia has incredible charisma as Gomez and that is something that is very impressive. Anjelica Huston brings an incredible gothic style to it all as well as Morticia.

It is easy to understand why this film has become well liked over the years and the whole Addams Family being quite a cult thing really and a top costume idea at Halloween and cosplay for different comic con’s. I still really enjoy watching this film, don’t forget watching your childhood films brings some much needed nostalgia but also the parents that are in for adults you can now fully understand everything about the film. You never know what you might have missed back when you were so innocent when watching films, but they have so many different messages attached to them.

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