Crawl (2019) Review


Haley is attempting to find her estranged father during a category 5 hurricane and she ends up trapped in the house with him, which they could have escaped from if they weren’t surrounded by alligators.


This is the type of film that you do not have to take too seriously and can therefore switch off and just enjoy the action that is going to unfold. It will make you gasp, hold your breath and be on the edge of your seat from start to finish. I had heard a little bit of buzz surrounding this film so it have it as a secret screening was rather exciting!

Haley is a swimmer and currently at college and competing. It turned out that it was her father Dave who drove her and pushed her when she was younger to be a very good swimmer. I felt as though this was always going to help her as the house was filling up with water and they had to try and find a way out before it completely flooded. It also made me think that I would be totally screwed as I am not a strong swimmer at all, I would have had no chance. Isn’t that one of the best things about this type of film as they make you judge how long you could survive for.

Anyway as Haley arrived at the house they used to all live in as a family, she cannot find her Dad. He was unconscious in the basement with a very strange and horrible wound on his shoulder/chest. What was this from? Well, we wouldn’t wait long to find out that the place has an alligator in it! But how many though as then suddenly more and even come across some eggs.

The way the suspense is built up was certainly a very impressive part of the film and managed to capture that real scare factor as you are watching. It also did something rather unique though and made you laugh out loud at times too. Some of the moments borderline ridiculous and that is what we want from a film in this genre isn’t it! YES it really is!

Alligators are huge and can move rather fast in water, surprisingly they can creep up on you as well which is something shown in the film. Do not splash! Similar to getting out the water from Jaws? It actually reminded me of a time in Texas when I went to a park that had gators and it was actually rather creepy walking around as they sometimes come onto the paths! Luckily that didn’t happen on our visit and they were all pretty much in the same part of the water.

The film managed to create quite a good father/daughter relationship which had been facing problems and was not something that I was expecting from this film. Always nice to have an added bonus with characters that you actually do care about and will to survive. Especially when so many things constantly go wrong from start to finish!

The sudden ending and the song which followed into the credits was sheer genius and helped end the film very nicely. Which had an equal amount of jumpy moments as well as laughs to go along with it. I guess in the UK we can laugh more as we don’t actually have places that have alligators roaming around!

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