Rocketman (2019) Vs Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

It always seems to happen that when we get one film in a certain style we get a few in a very short space of time and that is kinda how it feels with Rocketman coming out this year after Bohemian Rhapsody this year. Both about legends in the music world, Sir Elton John and then Queen led by Freddie Mercury.

Both were around at the same time and started not too far off each other in the crazy 60s music world in the UK. Freddie Mercury (1969-1991 his death) and Elton John (1962-present) both gay men who could not fully be themselves, but on stage the personas they could create were a release. That is certainly something that is put into both films.

It was always going to be tough for Rocketman being the second film that was released as we are always going to look for comparisons. However, they were done in slightly different formats and that is something that I really love about both films. Rocketman was more daring and took on the dark moments in a much better manner. Bohemian Rhapsody was more of a celebration of Mercury and therefore left out his really dark moments and tougher times. They didn’t even want to fully embrace him as a gay man, which was rather disappointing but something Rocketman did not shy away from.


The rise to stardom was similar for both men really, I think this is something I have noticed seeing different musicals over the years as well about the 60s music scene and how you had to have something a little bit special when it came to writing your own songs as well. Elton John did the music and Bernie Taupin wrote the lyrics, this wasn’t something that was easy in terms of getting a record deal and showed the hard work they had to put. The same for Mercury and Queen, they had to work hard writing songs and paying for studio time to have something to play. Doing gigs in small bars across the country.


Well I guess this is a short thing to talk about as Rami Malek did not do any singing and lip synced to the real Freddie for his role. Which I guess makes it absolutely crazy that he won an Oscar for those efforts as it was at least half of the film. Taron Egerton re-recorded the songs of Elton John and was never actually trying to become him, but a version of him which I think has earned him a lot more respect for his performance.


This had to be a big focus for both films. It seriously had to be you cannot deny that both men are homosexual and this was something that they could not be open about in the limelight, at the time. Now it is something Elton John has been an incredible role model for. In Rocketman it was actually amusing how much fuss was going on over the gay love scene, which was not anywhere near as graphic as was first made it. It was a key moment in the film as it showed acceptance from Elton. Bohemian Rhapsody had a truly embarrassing scene as Freddie eventually admitted to himself that he preferred men whilst in America making eye contact with a man going into a bathroom at a service station and looking at the “Men” sign on the door.


Both films are good I feel I need to state that first and were done in slightly different ways within the music biopic genre which has been taken in many different directions over the years. I am really hoping that someone will do something for Marc Bolan/T.Rex as I am such a huge fan, the stage show was amazing so it would be brilliant to see a film dedicated to him. Another from this similar era as well, so why not keep going with these types of films? As we have found out that they do work very well. Something of a memory for older audiences and also a fantastic method of introducing younger audiences to the music that stands the test of time and is so iconic to this very day.

Bohemian Rhapsody built everything up towards the Live Aid performance which they really did manage to recreate in spectacular fashion. Which must have been a truly tough thing to film, something which was done in a very good way. Don’t get me wrong with this post, I did like this film as I am a big Queen fan so getting a little bit of background on how some of the songs came about was very good.

Rocketman took a more musical approach in terms of breaking out into songs at different times, but in the correct order for release so ensuring that it was all linked together nicely. I could easily see this being closely adapted as a stage show and it would be very successful that is for sure. I then became addicted to the soundtrack for the film as well, which was certainly an added bonus. So this is the winner for me!


Which film did you like better and why? 

12 thoughts on “Rocketman (2019) Vs Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

  1. Great review! I give the edge to “Rocketman” for reasons you have explained: the singing, how each Actor approached that, but also because Elton’s story speaks more to what that era was about: here in the US, coming out of the Vietnam War and the resignation of a President, Elton’s outrageousness was the prelude to disco and a “rebirth of fun” – I posted a story about his 70’s excess if you want to see more of his wild costumes and onstage antics…

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  2. Only seen Bohemian Rhapsody so far, which was enjoyable and frustrating at the same time. Thought it was a great story, but clearly the story was served over the reality, you know? Mind, it’s impossible to get something truly impartial with the band on the producer side of the film. Ending at Live Aid was a bit of a cop-out, I felt, as Freddie’s end was really sad and isolated but deserved to be shown, the tragedy of Aids back then. Sure it would have been a downer, so Live Aid won.

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    • Yeah I think the way they put in how he told them about aids before live aid was hard hitting in the film. But in reality he didn’t even know then, totally agree about the band being with the producers. I’ve always thought they stopped some of the real story as such.

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  3. I liked both. Since I’m more of a Queen fan, I knew more about Queen so I was able to find more flaws in the Queen movie within the musical timeline. But I loved that they acknowledged Tim Staffel and Jim Hutton. … I only saw Elton John perform twice and don’t own much of his work. I did like that they weren’t afraid of going dark. And the male-male kissing was HOT! (In my humble opinion). My one issue with the Elton John movie was that they showed how supportive his grandmother was of him, and I would have loved more elaboration on that. Also never realized Elton John was so nice and sensitive. For some reason I always thought he’d be more intimidating. After the movie, I explored more of Elton John, watching interviews of him. He’s just GREAT! And for some strange reason, I really started liking “I’m Still Standing” after the movie. Though my favorite Elton John song of all time is one he did without Bernie Taupin, “Mama Can’t Buy You Love.” (No disrespect to Taupin, but that song just gives me chills!)

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    • That is such an amazing way to look at it, as each film you saw in a different way. Tough with the knowledge for Queen and then making you a bigger fan of Elton!


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