The Witches (1990) Review


When a young boy named Luke just happens to be in the same hotel as a witch convention he knows he must stop them when they plan to get rid of all the children. But thats made tougher when he is turned into a mouse.


This is one of my childhood films and I have not watched it for a very long time. Something that does stick in my head though is that it was pretty terrifying in terms of how the witches looked. I can happily report back that I still think the looks of the Grand High Witch are terrifying! Anjelica Huston taking on that role, the scene where they all start the meeting and remove wigs, face and gloves etc really does hold up and manages to still be scary.

Luke is our hero and we really do hope that he can survive. He was told about witches by his grandmother who had claimed she had previously had something to do with them. So he knew the warning signs and when they go to England the convention of witches just so happens to be in that very same hotel. They have a big plot to get rid of all of the children in England, a poison that had been developed would turn them into mice. The plan was to buy all of the sweet shops across the country for easy access to the children.

A boy named Bruno who is also staying in the hotel was used as an example and when Luke is found they both become mice and a friendship is formed as they attempt to stop the witches plan. The hotel staff contain some witches which is how they manage to get way with different things. Mr Stringer is the hotel manager and he is battling against the vermin problem within the hotel. Which is blamed on Luke for bringing his two pet mice along with him.

Adapted from a Roald Dahl book of the same name, you can still hear the clever and complex language from the books transferred to the screen, something that you have to really appreciate. Dahl dared to be unique and different something that we don’t seem to get in the same manner anymore.

Isn’t it great when you can go back as an adult and watch a film from your childhood and have new opinions on it? Well, I certainly think that is something that is very special about the world of films. I would be curious to know what children these days would make of this film and if they would find it scary. I am still looking to find something as haunting as the Grand High Witch!

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