Unfriended: Dark Web (2018) Review


When Matias takes a laptop that had been in the lost and found at a cyber cafe he visits, he unintentionally enters the world of the dark web. Putting not only himself but his friends at risk.


The new laptop Matias now has is Apple and this is the screen we are going to watch the whole film through. This is now the third film I have watched in this format, Unfriended being the first and then Searching. I missed seeing this one at the cinema so decided to catch up. I want to get straight into something I found to be the biggest issue about this film, I don’t really know much at all about the dark web. Although having now watched this film I actually feel that is a good thing in terms of what happens on the dark web.

When having games night with his friends over Skype and arguments going on with his girlfriend? I don’t think it was confirmed if they were actually a couple or not. But they struggle with language as she is deaf and he cannot sign very much. He is logged into Facebook, but also logged into another Facebook that was already signed in on the computer with a girls profile. Then another claiming to be her friend accusing him of stealing the laptop.

Matias lies to his friends about how he got the laptop and originally tells them that he bought it on Craigslist. But as things turn very dark in terms of the videos that he finds hidden on the laptop and an app called River, he must try and warn them what is happening all within the computer. The thing is though the hacking and information being passed through all of this then comes into real life for them. He really did take the wrong laptop as they are now involved with some very sick people.

People paying for girls to be tortured and murdered using Bitcoin and in the account on this computer was $10 million dollars. So a lot of money was also wrapped up in this sick crazy world. I cannot really think of much worse than people paying money online to watch other people being killed and requesting the ways in which it is done.

While it is a sequel to Unfriended, it is not related in terms of characters/story but they did throw in a couple of tiny throwbacks to it with usernames. I think because of the dark web this was therefore below average overall, the performances weren’t that amazing either which did not help. I guess when he had actually stolen the laptop it makes you show less sympathy towards him, in the small twist in the end which I guess was not too off the wall and actually made sense really.

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