Avengers Appreciation Month!


Well we are all aware that Endgame is near just a few more weeks to wait now. So I have decided to dedicate this April to Avengers! I will be putting together plenty of different posts gushing about just how fantastic the Marvel Universe is (well most of it anyway) and the characters we have grown to love over the years!

If you have any suggestions for any lists you would like me to put together please comment below and I will do my very best to come up with something! I have been well and truly taken in by this Universe and only one film I did not see at the cinema on release (The Incredible Hulk) but the rest I have seen in all the big screen glory and enjoyed every second of it. Then countless rewatches as well on TV and streaming services!

Let’s all come together and celebrate Marvel and the Avengers!

6 thoughts on “Avengers Appreciation Month!

  1. I shared this timeline a few months ago, of all of the films…and I think the “phases” of Marvel are fascinating to see…I know James Gunn, so was excited to have him stretch the Marvel boundaries, and I think that’s when we see the franchise grow in a positive way…looking forward to how you analyze the various films – and characters – through Marvel’s history of great success and slight missteps. https://johnrieber.com/2018/05/06/the-complete-marvel-cinematic-universe-the-most-successful-movie-franchise-ever-best-superheroes-the-single-worst-marvel-film-a-timeline/


    • The only one I didn’t see at the cinema was Iron Man 2 when my dad couldn’t take us. Seems like such a long time ago where I had to wait for my parents to take me to the cinema! Lol the first I went to see with my friends was Thor. After Avengers Assemble, that’s when I managed to get a Cineworld card as I was a year out of uni and finally had a job. So many memories!

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