Oscars 2019 – Best Supporting Actress

This is usually one of the easiest categories to predict but continuing in 2019s absolutely crazy award season it could actually be a rather tricky one. That is a good thing I guess in terms of performances as the award has been shared really between two actresses over the awards season period. So it could have a slight upset if you are having one as your firm favourite.


Let’s take another look at the five actresses who are nominated this year in a supporting role.

Amy Adams, Vice
The Academy seem to love nominating Adams this is her sixth without a win! I don’t think it is going to be the one that she eventually picks up an Oscar for but as usual she did put in a very good performance which you cannot fault at all. One day though I am sure she will win. I guess she worked very well with Bale and helped him with his very impressive performance.

Marina de Tavira, Roma
Again I was a little bit surprised with this nominated as didn’t feel anything special in de Tavira’s performance. I guess my dislike of Roma really is coming out in these blog posts but I don’t really care in all honesty. A very overrated film that doesn’t deserve the overbearing praise. Very average performance.

Regina King, If Beale Street Could Talk
This is a truly outstanding performance and like many supporting actress roles before her King goes for the very emotional moment which you could claim could be the moment that won her an Oscar. That moment when she totally breaks down, we know those moments where you ugly cry seem to be nailed on for a supporting role! Not a huge amount of screen time but very effective when she was on screen!

Emma Stone, The Favourite
I love Stone, she is easily one of my current favourite actresses and I throughly enjoy all of her roles. This was no different and I loved seeing her take on something off the wall. I do love that she is more than willing to get involved in different projects. I guess it doesn’t get much different from this film. Her performance was sneaky and evil, but I think she was slightly upstaged by her co-star and fellow supporting nominee . . .

Rachel Weisz, The Favourite
That leads nicely into the final nominee and that being Weisz. An actress I will admit that I have never been a huge fan of over the years, but with her performance in The Favourite she has well and truly won me over. She is outstanding and scene stealing. Just managing more than Stone, but they do bring out the best in each other and Colman who is in the leading category.


Who I want to win: Rachel Weisz, The Favourite
Who I think will win: King or Weisz (too close to call)
Outside Chance: Adams? Just because of the 6 nominations

Who’s your favourite?

6 thoughts on “Oscars 2019 – Best Supporting Actress

  1. Terrific writeup. Agree with you on all of it, including your analysis…it seems that either King or Weitz will win this year, although the Supporting categories are usually where the surprises happen!

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  2. One of the main reasons Roma received various nominations is because although it is a simple film, it is filled with an emotionally great narrative. And for this, I believe it deserves all the nominations. Perhaps, even best screenplay. I do agree with you that Marin de Tavira’s performance was not spectacular, but I may have been biased when I was rooting for her to win because it would have been nice to see a new kind of face win at the Oscars.

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    • Oh I can totally understand the reasons you have put forward. This is something I truly love about films, everyone has different opinions and it creates great conversations and debates.

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