Vice (2018) Review


Based on the life of Dick Cheney and his rise into power as Vice President to George W. Bush and changing things in the United States and around the world.


I always find it interesting to watch a film based on American politics as it is not often something that I know a huge amount about. I mean we probably do get a lot on the news now and have done for a few years now but in all honesty I don’t really pay a huge amount of attention to it all.

Dick Cheney started badly in his life when he was drinking it away whilst in college and ended up getting kicked out. Managing to then gain his focus when Lynne offers him an ultimatum of making something of himself or she would be leaving him. She helped to push him forward. He then made sure he became a very good listener and picking up things from those ahead of him. One day he would get to that position and change things in the way he wanted to push forward for the United States.

I liked the way the story moved backwards and forwards depending on different moments which sparked something. Obviously 9/11 was the biggest point in the story and that was something that we have seen many things around over the years but this time we are shown inside and what might have been said in those crucial moments. I guess we only will ever know a few things about it all.

The film is done in a similar way to The Big Short and it does manage to have a very funny feel to it as well. The narrator being Kurt and I felt that lowered the tone a little bit and made it less serious. Probably just over half way through I actually started enjoying it, I wasn’t so sure to begin with but it all managed to consume me.

Christian Bale was truly outstanding as Dick Cheney and it really is amazing to see his transformation on-screen. Plenty of close up shots of his stomach where he piled the most weight on for the role. Fully deserving his Oscar nomination, the same can be said for Amy Adams as his wife Lynne she was as impressive as always. As much as I love Sam Rockwell I am left wondering how he got a nomination for this one, as his role wasn’t really that big or impressive in all honesty. Steve Carell was good as well which I think helped the dynamic of the film.

Now the biggest question left is if I actually liked and enjoyed the film . . . I am struggling to come up with a simple answer for that. I thought it was a well put together film done in a funny way, but is it Best Picture Oscar worthy? I didn’t really think so but it does have the nomination now, surely the biggest outsider to actually win on the night? But Bale a favourite? What are your thoughts on this one?

18 thoughts on “Vice (2018) Review

  1. While I liked a couple of the performances I pretty much hated the movie. I found it to be poorly put together and utterly exhausting. The Academy certainly disagrees with me…LOL.

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  2. I was really torn about this. While sold as an “inside the Bush White House” expose, it’s a fairly traditional bio-pic, feeling very similar to Oliver Stone’s “W”. And, with so much awful shenanigans underway in the US right now, this felt small and ponderous to me…maybe I am numb to scandal because we have 2-3 new egregious ones every day now!

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    • That’s a really good point! I’m still unsure why Rockwell got a nomination in all honestly didn’t think he was in this long enough to have a huge effect. I guess the film just basically says Bush had no power at all it was all Cheney

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  3. While I appreciated Vice for the satire that it was – I did like “the Big Short” a lot better. It seemed more valid in a way, if that makes sense. Not to say that I didn’t like Vice, and Bale was very convincing in the role (as was his makeup!)

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