The Wedding Guest* (2017) Review


Struggling to come to terms with the break up from his college girlfriend, Adam is then invited to her wedding to Aaron. Something Allison really didn’t think would be a big issue?


This film confused me when I attempted to find it on IMDb as Sky Cinema have it named as The Wedding Guest. But then I found that for some reason in the UK we have adopted the same title as Australia away from the US version being called *Literally, Right Before Aaron. The film is a full length feature which is based on a short film from 2012 which also starred Justin Long. Funnily enough the short version has a much higher rating than this film version I am about to tell you about.

I felt this film was a perfect example of why you should not invite a long-term ex to your wedding. Adam was really struggling to deal with it all as he could only remember the good times with Allison. Managing to cause absolutely chaos in the process! That was something that was pretty obvious but also rather sad at the same time. You cannot help but feel sorry for him throughout the vicious process. Allison thought they could be friends but how would she have liked it if it had been the other way round? So moral to take from this story is to never invite your ex to the wedding!

It wasn’t put together in the best way possible and I found it rather stale at times. They also went for some shocking moments to which I was thinking surely people wouldn’t really do that and go that far on someone else’s wedding day? No matter how you feel about them or have felt about them in the past?

Justin Long tried his best to pull the film forward but maybe the short film was just more powerful and a better thing that this full length one. He was in both of the films, but Cobie Smulders was new for this feature-length film. Surely it is worth giving something she is in a chance? After How I Met Your Mother and her role in the Marvel Universe? Who puts John Cho in a film and hardly uses him? Again I felt the characters weren’t massively likeable and I think in a film like this it is essential. Also must mention that Aaron was just too good to be true and therefore made it too off the wall. Surely no real person is that perfect?

You won’t be missing anything by giving this film a miss, it was just one of those that appeared on Sky Cinema and didn’t have a very long running time so I thought I would give it a chance. Sometimes those chances really do pay off, unfortunately though just not this time!


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