Escape Room (2019) Review


Six strangers who all have one thing in common find themselves invited to take part in the ultimate Escape Room, with the prize of $10,000 dollars. But this is no ordinary escape room as they all must battle to survive.


Over the past few years escape rooms really have become a big thing in the UK (and from this film I am guessing the US as well) so to have a film based around them certainly is very current and relatable for a lot of people. I have only ever done one room but it really was a lot of fun (and hard work) and I would love to do more even after watching this film.

Zoey Davis is our main character as we see her being very reserved in University and pushed by her Professor to speak out more as she knows all the answers. A very intelligent girl who is going to be alone over the holiday period, we aren’t fully sure why but a dream and flashbacks to a plane doesn’t make it too difficult to work out.

When she receives a very strange box which was apparently sent by her Professor we see some other characters receiving them as well. All thinking they are from someone pretty close to them. Having to work out how to open it and that is the invite to the escape room and a chance to win $10k. I mean come on who wouldn’t give it a try for that much money, plus you don’t expect it to be brutal and dangerous. Escape room’s are all about numbers and locks right? Well, they usually are as everyone is informed by Danny. Who had done plenty of them, I felt that part acted as a good way to explain how they work to anyone in the audience who wasn’t really sure. Each character had a very different background and a different set of skills, which certainly helped in the long run. It was good to see this development.

They are immediately starting the game when everyone enters the waiting room so it doesn’t take too long to see how it all started. The opening scene was Ben inside a room that was slowly starting to cave in and crush him. I liked that idea of seeing that scene then going back to see how he ended up like that. Another good thing was that each room and items in the room meant something to the different to the characters. But they never actually mentioned it to one another until it was possibly too late. That was how it got to them and consumed them from start to finish.

While it had some good and interesting aspects overall the film wasn’t really anything new and it didn’t really seem to have a twist as everything was obvious when it began to pan out. It wasn’t too brutal with death scenes so you don’t have to worry if you are expecting this to be like another Saw series. At the end it does set everything up for a second film, but I guess that depends on box office. Although I think this will do pretty well, as people do love watching this type of film. I felt it had been marketed as more of a horror, but it certainly wasn’t.

Performance wise I felt Taylor Russell did well in the leading role and the experience forcing her character to be more social. They all bounced off each other well with Logan Miller was a standout for me as well. I guess I actually enjoyed this a lot more than I expected too, I wasn’t holding high hopes and that worked out very well. Sorry for that old cliché but it was very true!

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