The Prince and Me (2004) Review


Paige Morgan has her life planned out and is very focused at college. That is all about to change though when she meets Eddie a new student who is from Denmark. Eddie has a secret he is actually Prince Edvard of Denmark and will become King.


Paige took an instant dislike to Eddie but as she gets to know him and realises that they can really help each other in school they begin to fall in love. It took time and they got to know each other. Especially the Thanksgiving weekend where she invites him home to meet her family, the only issue with it all? He failed to mention that he was the Prince and when the press find him she is naturally very upset about the photos being taken and that was the way she actually found out. He then had to leave for Denmark and she makes a decision to be spontaneous. The problem is that the King is very ill and is going to hand the throne to Edvard.

Isn’t this the ideal romantic film? About a Prince and a common girl getting to be with him? Of course it is something that is always thrown about isn’t it finding your Prince. The thing with the story in this film though is that it is actually really nice. I would say the perfect Sunday viewing film, currently on Netflix so if you need that type of film in your life then it certainly is one to add to your list.

I have to admit that I class this film as one of my guilty pleasures and throughly enjoyed watching it again. Baring in mind when it first was released I watched it because I knew Luke Mably from a tv series called Dream Team, where he played a footballer. Obviously back in 2004 as well Julia Stiles was very well-known and in a lot of films so it made for a great pair. Also throwing Ben Miller and Miranda Richardson into the mix of it all, was good casting.

The biggest problem with this film though is that Edvard and the Royal Family are supposed to be from Denmark yet speak in perfect English? So maybe they had wanted him to be English but it wasn’t allowed to be? He had the most perfect English and what you would expect from a member of our Royal Family, but from a different country it feels a little bit strange?

Anyway the story is nice enough and has some interesting moral decisions in it, especially for Paige as if she comes Princess and then Queen she would have to give up everything she had wanted to do in life. It makes you wonder if she will do that at times and shows the best of both worlds and how everything would be for her. Royal Families still have rather old traditions and strange rules when it comes to careers and how they can be seen in the public eye.

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