Like Father (2018) Review


When Rachel a workaholic woman is left at the altar she ends up on her honeymoon cruise with her a stranger father Harry. A chance for them to reconnect and eventually find out how they ended up apart, was it for the reasons Rachel actually thought?


Kelsey Grammer in a film on Netflix? How could I possibly refuse watching that one? It was pretty impossible to be honest. Especially with Kristen Bell who has started to impress me more and more with each role she is in. A very good combination it has to be said, in what is a very average film.

So after being left at the altar due to her work ethic of well constantly. Rachel must take time out and realise that everything does not revolve around work and her career. This leads to a heavy drinking session with Harry, and they end up going on her honeymoon cruise which causes confusion due to everyone thinking that had just been married. But when they tell the people around them the story they want to help them reconnect. Will that actually be possible?

The story does take a few emotional turns and makes you think about what is really important in this life. I thought that was pretty powerful considering we get a lot of comedy in terms of moments and one liners. Which was the average part in my opinion, the better part was the emotional side. As Harry attempts to tell his side of the story to Rachel and why he had actually turned up.

Something I found interesting was the mention of Google and how that can be used very easily to find out information about people. Both having done this about each other over the years. That really is something we do now isn’t it. I am sure everyone has even googled themselves to see what actually comes up on the search engine.

Throw in some stereotypical characters to balance everything out and tick a lot of boxes. Sorry to have to say that but the group they end up in association with certainly does all of that, something we seem to get a lot more of in films now.

Overall this film is average, it does have some good and nice moments with good performances from Bell and Grammer. I also quite liked Seth Rogen’s smaller role and thought he added his usual comedic presence.

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