Grand Isle (2019) Review


Buddy is a young father who is being charged with murder by Detective Jones, in order to prove his innocence he must recall a very dark and twisted night with Walter and Fancy.


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Stage Door – Kelsey Grammer

On Saturday I was lucky enough to see Kelsey Grammer in Man of La Mancha and head to the stage door to meet him afterwards. But it almost didn’t happen at all when the matinee was cancelled, luckily though I was in London for the Marathon on the Sunday so I could then attend the Saturday night when I had the chance (review to follow) so this happened and Kelsey was absolutely lovely!


Anastasia (1997) Review


The story of Anastasia being the only surviving child of the Russian Royal family, but she has no idea on her past. Two con men are trying to find the girl and believe Ana really could be the one to try to get the reward from her Grandmother the Dowager Empress. But Rasputin wants her dead, the quest to get to Paris was never going to be easy.


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I Don’t Know How She Does It (2011) Trailer & Posters

I am in the minority in my love for Sarah Jessica Parker, yes I am a massive Sex and the City fan (more the TV show than the films) and actually do enjoy watching a lot of her films. In recent years they have been films which are very easy to watch and often enjoyable if you do not want something too serious. I think this film looks very charming and as a woman I do like to see something where a woman is in charge of everything!

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