Feud (Season 1) Review


Season 1 of Feud takes an in-depth look into the famous hatred between Hollywood legends Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, what really happened on set of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? But the pair were a lot similar than you may think!

With all the action taking place over eight episodes that is plenty of time to really look into this famous feud and battle between two actresses. Both of which had the same goal really of continuing to get work in advancing years. It all did feel like such a shame that they didn’t actually work together as it really did feel like they could have been very good for each other. They could have been a force together but instead battling against one another.

We get to see how the studios and directors used to treat women and it was tough as they got older. Which I guess is something that is still difficult now actually getting good roles as they get older and not just being the mother in a film! That does make it rather sad to think about really that not much has actually changed since the 1960s!

I guess it does highlight how the studios work differently now though as this mentions when they were signed to studios and had to make so many films. Whereas now that doesn’t really seem to happen, I guess the closest to that is when actors sign up for a series of films.

This series is filled with so many outstanding performances. Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange due incredible jobs in the leading roles and they are so engaging from start to finish. Each of them really taking on the legend and becoming them, I actually got to the point where I forgot I was actually watching a TV series and not just behind the scenes footage, that is the biggest compliment I can give it all really. Add in my personal favourite Catherine Zeta Jones who pops up every now and then as Olivia de Havilland who is often with Kathy Bates as Joan Blondell who are telling the story and things that happened between the pair.

The series is very female heavy but we do get two outstanding male performances from Alfred Molina and Stanley Tucci. I guess that is no surprise really as they are both fantastic actors. They really did add a little more to different scenes and I thought they had brilliant characters to portray as well which made it all even better.

I remember wanting to see this when first hearing about it and it took quite a while for it to come across to the UK. It was then screened on BBC Two over the Christmas period, I waited for all of the episodes to become available as I think it is better to be able to continue onto the next one now, I totally blame Netflix and binge watching for that! But it really is well worth a watch for the fantastic performances around a time that has long gone in Hollywood and the legends feuding with one another!

15 thoughts on “Feud (Season 1) Review

    • Yeah, it just seems as though it will be very bad taste that so many people involved in that are still alive. I kinda felt that way about season 2 of The Crown in all honesty, the way it really laid into Prince Phillip (even more than season 1).


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