Blade Runner (1982) Review

blade_runner_ver8_zpsgnvjp9avRick Deckard is a blade runner who must attempt to terminate four replicants who stole a ship in space and returned to Earth to confront their creator. Replicants were banished from Earth.


The film is set in November 2019, which means watching it in 2017 is a little bit strange only being two years off. I must say that I am super disappointed we didn’t manage to get the flying car thing sorted and that hair dryer was pretty impressive and incredible, I would like drying my hair like that. I do digress though but I felt it was pretty important to mention those couple of points early on as that was something I had thought about.

Yes, I know you are wondering how I have managed to get all the way to 2017 without ever actually watching Blade Runner. Well, in all honesty I have no idea how or why that has happened but don’t worry I am now all caught up and understand why people hold it in such high regard.

Rick Deckard was a Blade Runner and will be again when he is needed to help capture and retire the four replicas who have found their way back to earth and causing a lot of problems in the process. The problem is they are pretty tricky to track down, they look human and have plenty of human traits. They must be put under different tests to prove that they aren’t actually human.

Tyrell Corporation is behind making the replicas and that is where Deckard decided to start his investigation which is going to be truly tested when he meets Rachael. She is an experimental replicant who believes she is actually human, she has been given memories and manages to pass the testing system. A love story was very unexpected from myself in all honesty, wasn’t expecting that to happen at all.

Visually it is interesting to see what they expect to the world to look like in 2019, with the darkness but then the amazing buildings and cars. It isn’t as lavish as you may expect from a Sci-Fi genre film, I was expecting it to be a lot more colourful but I think the darkness really helps to create much more of a mood.

Harrison Ford is a great leading man and he does not let anyone down as Deckard he is rather impressive in all honesty and I enjoyed him a lot in the role. He has a great screen presence and works very well with Sean Young as Rachael I thought the chemistry between the pair was believable in the awful world they were having to live in. I have to admire Ridley Scott for directing such an engaging and much-loved film. It’s very sleek and flows well from start to finish, making you wonder just what the world would be like if we had replicants.

I think the Sci-Fi genre is something I need to explore more and catch up with the older films, as when I watch them I always find myself fully engaged and impressed with the format and how they work. This was no different, I must also add that the response to watching this film for the first time on Twitter was absolutely huge and I can fully understand why!

7 thoughts on “Blade Runner (1982) Review

  1. Blade Runner actually set the standard for what a ‘future city’ might look like. Just about every SF film since then can trace it’s visuals back to this film … It’s a classic. 😀

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