The Verdict (1982) Review


Frank Galvin a lawyer who had been having a rather tough time gets one final shot at a big case to regain respect when he goes to trial over medical malpractice instead of taking the settlement he was offered.


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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) Review


When an alien is stranded on Earth, luckily a young boy named Elliott finds him and brings him home to the lovely house in California. Introducing E.T to his older brother Greg and younger sister Gertie. They are being watched though and when he becomes ill the government come in to act . . .


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2012 Challenges

Instead of setting some New Year’s resolutions for the blog or movie watching I have decided to set some 2012 challenges in regards to film watching!

  • Try to review each film I see at the cinema – now this wasn’t far off in 2011 but must do better!
  • Watch the films I have on DVD that I have never actually seen
  • Focus on old films with the year ending in 2 . . . 2002, 1992, 1982 etc
  • Form top 10 lists with regards to the above challenge
  • Catch up on films I missed in 2011
  • Make more use of my LOVEFiLM subscription
  • See more than 57 films at the cinema (2011’s total)

What about anyone else, any 2012 challenges?