Happy 70th Birthday Arnie!

Arnold Schwarzenegger turns 70 years old today!

I thought what better way to celebrate than picking my seven favourite of his films, he is my ultimate guilty pleasure. I enjoyed many of his silly comedy films when I was a kid and still enjoy watching them to this day.

Terminator Series

I’ll be back . . . Do I really need to say anything about the role that sent Arnie to superstardom?

The Running Man

I always feel that this one was well before its time and kinda half predicted the way television would go with reality shows, by all means not killing other people but the basis of the story.

The Sixth Day

A little bit crazy this one but certainly watchable we get two Arnie’s working together in the end, what more could you possibly want in a film?


I don’t really remember the last time I watched this one in all honesty, but I always used to love it. As stupid as it was to have a man be pregnant, some hilarious moments in it if you can get past that part haha.

Kindergarten Cop

This is everyone’s ultimate guilty pleasure film right? It’s just even more brilliant if you watch it now and listen to things he says to the kids, but he certainly does have them under control in the end!

Escape Plan

Come on we get Arnie and Sly together in this one, that’s double guilty pleasure rolled all into one crazy daft film.

Jingle All The Way

Come on it’s easily the greatest Christmas film of all time!

What are your favourite Arnie films? 

12 thoughts on “Happy 70th Birthday Arnie!

  1. Great picks there, ‘specially with Running Man and Jingle All The Way. I personally would add Commando and Predator, but that’s just me. Everybody now: I’M NOT A PURRRRVURRRTTTT!!

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  2. I’ll never forget catching a early screening of Total Recall with a cinema full of Arnie fans. The atmosphere was utterly nuts (when he wakes up in bed with Sharon Stone, someone in the audience shouted, “Go on, Arnie, give her one!” and everyone cheered) It was one of the wildest cinema experiences of my life, the cheers and hollers every time Arnie beat or killed someone (as Kenny Everett said, “all in the best POSSIBLE taste!”).

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