The First Wives Club (1996) Review


When three college friends are reunited after the death of another friend, this puts everything into motion for the women to make their former husbands pay for everything they have done to them, hence the name first wives club.


I have actually lost count on how many times I have watched this film, I just adore it and the performance from Midler, Keaton and Hawn. They are just terrific and this is a typical 90s film. Which means it is pretty carefree at times and you will enjoy it, combing different types of comedy and really focusing on how women can move on and it is not actually the end of the world if a marriage breaks up.

Sending the message don’t get mad, get everything. Which is the tagline for the film and we get Ivana Trump telling them all that near the end, something which I think is even funnier when watching the film now!

It takes the suicide of one of their oldest friends to bring the trio back together, reminiscing about the college days and blaming each other for them not actually staying friends. But I guess it is important to remember that in life you have some friends that just fade away but you know when you really need them it all comes back together again. Reassuring as well, life does take over especially when you get into constantly working and people starting families.

Considering this film is from the 90s and you can still take something from it to this day is certainly an interesting factor. Obviously the clothes and certain things would change, like the internet playing a huge part in life now. But I still enjoy watching this film a hell of a lot, especially for the closing scene with ‘You Don’t Own Me’.

Offering a small glimpse into the money that reigns in New York as well, which I am sure has only gotten worse over the years. I could watch this film over and over again without getting bored which certainly confirms just how much I enjoy watching it. So come on admit it, you love this film too don’t you! If you haven’t ever watched it I also demand that you find it and watch it as soon as possible.

A film in which women are empowered and told not to just settle for what the men have decided. It has a fantastic cast not only the leading ladies, but the supporting cast too. A brilliant performance from Maggie Smith who easily steals the few scenes she appears in! Along with the main storyline of them trying to get even with the men so they don’t end up like Cynthia, we get each individual situation and how they are all struggling in different ways to hold everything together.

I personally think it sends some good messages, I mean trying to get a lot of money out the men is not really a good message but they do change the motives in the end to set something up to help as many women as possible.

5 thoughts on “The First Wives Club (1996) Review

  1. I absolutely love this movie. There’s something special about movies like this from the 90s that you just don’t see in today’s age…at least nothing successful, you know? They’re far and few these days where they were a dime a successful dozen back in the 90s. Perfect cast too!

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