War for the Planet of the Apes (2017) Review


After the Apes suffer many losses by the human soldiers, Caesar must battle with his demons as his darker instincts take hold and wanting to save his kind from an awful fate.


The Colonel appears to have gone totally mad in his quest to win the war for the planet and is going to let nothing stand in his way in an attempt to do that. This starts the bigger battle due to what he does to Caesar. Setting up for a very epic adventure and ending to the fantastic trilogy which has been a truly incredible journey. I will admit that I felt very  emotional throughout the film, and that is due to the great character development. We have given time to these three films and this is a pretty epic conclusion.

Like anything with War it takes something to really spark it to the next level, but I was quite impressed with the extra bonus of a story involving The Colonel and the interesting thing that has been happening to the humans, what is the disease that has wiped so many of them out? Will we get answers and why can’t humans and apes co-exist in different parts of the planet?

I think that is when I realised that the film is very impressive in terms of that we actually forget they are apes. Yes, I do realise that seems like a very strange statement. But we are with the apes more than the humans and they just feel normal, even though they are all different types of apes. Isn’t that one of the key points in the film about things can be different? The Apes in this have advanced far ahead of what humans ever thought capable and this then leads them to be much more like humans, with the emotions and feelings running very deep. It creates that strange atmosphere when you watch and you are firmly on Caesar’s side. Seriously though what an incredible character and Andy Serkis really does deserve so much credit for what he has done in that role the CGI is brilliant and you feel that he is fully real.

On the whole I really did enjoy the conclusion of what could possibly be the best trilogy since The Dark Knight? Parts were a little bit strange in terms of the chase by Caesar and his closest followers and friends. At times it looked as though it was silly they weren’t spotted or caught earlier. I did like the small girl who was taken in by the apes and is a very big part of the story, great touch!

I will admit that a few times I could not help but draw some comparison to Lord of the Rings (which I am a huge fan of) so that is a big compliment. The chase and then the building work of the wall – that part and battle reminded me of the Battle of Helms Deep. Not exactly the same by any means just gave me a few things that made me draw comparisons with those different moments. I really hope this film gets the amount of credit that it truly deserves.

I was a little bit disappointed that to see the first previews I had to see the film in 3D, which I wouldn’t normally do but I was that excited to see the film as the trailers and build up has been very good. Especially as with the 3D something was wrong with the screening and it wasn’t turned on properly. In all honesty I just thought it was the worst 3D imaginable as it was tricky to work out if it was working or not. Luckily it got sorted out in the first ten minutes.

If you only go to see one film this summer, I would certainly advise making it this one! Caesar will not disappoint!

16 thoughts on “War for the Planet of the Apes (2017) Review

  1. Great post! I wasn’t sure about watching this one. But great character development is always a hook. Besides, any film that draws comparisons to Lord of the Rings is essential! Can’t wait to see it. 🙂

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  2. Great review Caz, I’ve seen it twice and really enjoyed it. The drama, story and characters kept me engaged throughout and the visual effects were insane! The detail on those ape characters was so realistic and I loved how they were the primary focus of the film. Oh, and of course Andy Serkis and Woody Harrelson killed it.

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