7 Recent Movie Musicals You Should Watch!

la-la-land-audition-14_zps6jksi1x1As expected I totally loved La La Land, although I was a little bit scared that I might have been disappointed with my total love for musicals. As you will already know if you follow my blog I am very big on not only movie musicals but also going to the Theatre and have seen a lot of musicals on stage.

I am therefore a little bit annoyed and sick of people saying that La La Land has saved the musical genre, as we have actually had some fantastic musicals released to film in the past few years. The problem is though the fans of musical films seem to be few and far between now. The hype around La La Land will leave people disappointed I am sure, especially if they don’t usually like musicals.

Don’t get me wrong though as I am happy that it will help increase awareness of the genre, but I really do think that we should be thankful for some of the films we have had released over the past few years. The films I have picked in the list are from the past four years. So while we don’t get as many musical films out each year, we do still get a steady flow. I have tried to vary my choices on different types of music to really help show that no matter your music tastes you will be able to find a musical that suits your tastes.

I guess the biggest problems seem to be the adaptations from more well known stage shows, as they seem to be quite tricky to do! As I guess some scenes, songs and moments just work better on stage and don’t transfer to the screen in the best possible way. Sometimes the casting causes issues as well, but we have to just deal with that as well!

Les Miserables (2012) Review
With this one you probably heard of it, I mean Anne Hathway rightly won her Oscar for her heartbreaking performance. This musical is quite possibly one of the most depressing that you will watch, but with that it is so incredibly powerful with amazing songs and score. Hugh Jackman is truly outstanding as Jean Valjean.

Rock of Ages (2012) Review
nother that is adapted from a very popular stage show with all of the classic rock songs you could possibly want. For the film some of it is toned down quite a lot and the story is slightly changed, unless you watch the uncut version of course. I still throughly enjoy this one and see it very much as a quality pleasure.

Begin Again (2013) Review
A film that has probably surprised me the most in recent years, a brand new musical film with brand new songs arranged and written for it. But not only some amazing songs, the performances are fantastic and it pretty much questions what the meaning of life is, apparently it can be defined by your current playlist.

Sunshine on Leith (2014) Review
Could be called a hidden gem the very Scottish musical with songs from the Proclaimers put together in such a fantastic way, that they make you smile and cry. Sometimes both at the same time, great typical musical style dance scenes it really is well worth the watch. Pretty much what is known on stage as a jukebox musical, as we already know the songs but are seeing them in a whole new story.

Into The Woods (2014) Review
Now this one is a Sondheim musical, which means it is totally off the wall and is very different. It takes a lot of the fairytale stories that everyone knows and turns them upside down and giving the characters a more real life feel. See above quote from Prince Charming, who was not the Prince everyone expects. I think it is a very clever musical and the film is put together in a very interesting way.

The Last Five Years (2015) Review
I am guessing that this one will be the least seen by people as it was not given a huge released. Based on the Broadway show and has just had a stint in the West End. It is pretty heartbreaking but has some amazing points about love and relationships, are they meant to last forever? Sometimes maybe not, and this is a no holds barred approach with fantastic performance from Jeremy Jordan and Anna Kendrick.

Sing Street (2016) Review
Considering that this film made it onto a lot of people’s top 10 of 2016 lists it is quite difficult to therefore understand why people thing the musical genre was totally dead before La La Land. As this film was certainly proof that it is not, a fantastic pretty small film based in Ireland and a teenager who becomes a singer in a band to impress a girl he likes. It has so much heart, thought provoking and the songs just fit together so well!

Which recent musicals have you enjoyed over the past few years?
Will you be watching any of them that are on this list? 


14 thoughts on “7 Recent Movie Musicals You Should Watch!

  1. Great list. Some of my choices are not what you would call musicals, but music plays a large part in the film:-

    Sing Street (2016) – in my top films of 2016 and my favourite musical since –
    Les Miserables (2012)
    School of Rock (2003)
    Moana (2016) – great animation and for me really strong soundtrack.
    Love and Mercy (2014) – biopic of Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys
    The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years (2016) – documentary
    The Commitments (1991) – A great film with a superb soundtrack. Now a successful stage show.

    I did enjoy La La Land but for me I felt that Sing Street was the better film. Probably unfair to compare them as they were two different types of musical.

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    • Yeah I decided that when searching for musical films they all came up so a loop hole 😉 I think sometimes it has to be done that way to get more viewers, but I guess no different to Blood Brothers really which is regarded as a musical, but I would see it more as a play with songs.

      I loved School of Rock! Frozen was very close to making this list, very Wicked like in terms of songs. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Moana in all honesty think the hype surrounding it left me disappointed.


  2. I have so many musicals on DVD it’s ridiculous, but some include “Phantom,” which did not have the best cast, but is still really good. Others include “Les Mis,” “Mamma Mia,” “Moulin Rouge” and “Sweeney Todd.”

    Not all are favorites, per say, but “Sweeney” won two Golden Globes and “Les Mis” won thee Golden Globes and had eight Oscar nominations. There have been a lot of musical adaptions over the years, so I agree that musicals do matter and “La La Land” did not really save the musical genre, at least not to theater fans.

    I have not seen “La La Land,” so I cannot say anything truly negative about it, but I’m hoping to see more adaptions of musicals as the years go by. “Wicked” is set for a 2019 release, so I’m really excited about that!

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    • Oh Rachel you really need to head out and see La La Land as I know you will really enjoy it! Yeah I think the main problem with the film versions is the casting of roles to ensure people will go and see it and some of it gets lost. I love the version of Sweeney Todd and thought it had a great Gothic feels thanks to Tim Burton. Something we can appreciate being fans of Theatre is that productions change so a film being a little different can work out very well.

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      • That’s true. “Les Mis” was a great mixture of the book and stage musical. I did not know Johnny Depp could sing until “Sweeney Todd” came out. I’ve never seen the stage version, so I thought it was really good.

        I’ll have to see “La La Land” if I can, since I’ve been hearing great things about it. It looks like a feel good, rom-com musical.


  3. So happy that you have Begin Again on your list. I heard so many negative comments but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    I’m guilty of having been totally unaware of The Last Five Years…but it looks good. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Can’t wait to see it.
    Into the Woods was so much fun! I like that “offbeat” original approach to the fairy tales – was so refreshing.

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