The Little Mermaid (1989) Review


Ariel is a mermaid and is not at all happy with her life under the sea, collecting things that have ended up in the sea from the land. She is fascinated with the people much to the displeasure of her father Triton.


I re-watched this film this morning and I really do think it is one of the best animated Disney films ever. Everything about it just works with plenty of good songs and breaks out into a musical. It is a shame the Broadway attempts of creating it into a show didn’t work but never mind, the film still stands the tests of time.

Ariel would love nothing more than be able to have legs and join the world beyond the sea on land even more so when one day she sees Eric, one of those love at first sight moments as she watched him on a ship and saves his life when a storm hits. The same for Eric he is convinced the mysterious girl is the one of him and vows to search everywhere to find her.

Her father Triton is not happy about the situation and destroys everything she has collected. Ursula has been keeping track of the situation and sees it as a perfect opportunity to get everything she wants, trading Ariel her voice for legs and must seal the deal with a kiss from Eric to make it all permanent. But that is a very difficult task especially when Eric remember her incredible voice.

I really do think it is a brilliant story and fits together with the different songs and moments. A teenage girl who is struggling to deal with her life and what she wants to do with it. Never being understood and always criticised for her decisions, surely that is something everyone can relate to in life. That is something which I think sometimes gets lost on animated films, especially when you reach a certain age you often disregard the messages they carry in such a great manner.

I think in Ursula Disney have one of their greatest bad guys, her voice really does give her a massive edge and she has her moment with a song as well! I still have ‘Under the Sea’ in my head hours after watching and not forgetting the emotional ‘Part of Your World’ which really is a fantastic love song with so many different meanings.

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