Full House (TV Series) Review


I fall into that Netflix binge watching of TV series every now and then, that was exactly the same with Full House. Something I had heard a lot about over the years (launching the Olsen twins career) but strangely I had never actually watched it before. Running from 1987 (the year I was born) until 1995 with an impressive 8 seasons it certainly has all of the qualities of TV shows from the 80/90s.

The very start of the show is Danny Tanner having to come to terms with the death of his wife and then facing the task of raising his three daughters. He isn’t going to be doing this alone though as his brother in law Jesse is going to help along with his friend Joey. I guess we can compare to Three Men and a Baby then Three Men and a Little Lady except they have three girls to raise and one is still a baby!

Something I throughly enjoyed about Full House was that it has plenty of good messages about growing up and trying to do the right thing. Oh and it has John Stamos and his perfect hair, quite possibly one of the best looking men ever? Oh yes Uncle Jesse has so many incredible moments and is just so perfect. I love the mix of comedy but then the more serious moments as the girls grow up and make choices about things. Some of which are not always the right choices.


It didn’t really take very long to watch all eight seasons in all honesty and that just shows how addictive it was. It was a very good thing to see how the girls were growing up as each season passed. Even with the opening show credits which liked to show that as well. Shows like this don’t seem to be done as much anymore which is such a shame. At least we can all still watch it thanks to Netflix!


Each character had different catch phrases which was a nice little addition especially with Michelle when she started talking and Stephanie the middle child. The latter was absolutely fantastic from the early seasons and really did the most growing up throughout the show. DJ the older sister always struggled with being the oldest and wanting to have a lot more of her own time.

The men were trying to balance looking after the girls and still having a career. Danny becoming the star of presenting a morning TV show. Joey keeping his stand up career going and Jesse being a musician. They had to keep finding other things as well over the years and really ended up doing a lot of different things.


It gives us plenty of good message especially for young girls and growing up. It isn’t always going to be fair but as long as they know that they can try and do anything then that is ok. Even with something that is from over 25 years ago it still has plenty of relevant messages for girls growing up now. In a better way than any of the more recent TV shows aimed at the younger age groups.


As well as having plenty of amusing and lovely moments it also gives us some heartbreaking and very sad moments. I will admit that it made me cry a couple of times and that wasn’t really something I was expecting. Especially as one of the moments included Michelle having to say bye to her best friend, it was just too much! I think thats something else about this show, you could easily watch it at all different ages and get something different from it. I certainly wish I had watched it when I was younger and when it was originally on. But cannot ever remember it being on UK TV?


Don’t worry though as it certainly has more feel good and very moments in each episode. Especially when bringing in DJ’s best friend and their neighbour Kimmy, who they all claim to not like but we know thats not true deep down. It puts friendships and family really at the centre of everything and reminding everyone how important it really is!

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