Big Mouth (Season 1) Review


Teenage friends will never be the same again when entering the scary and gross world of puberty. Accompanied by the puberty monster helping them to experience the worst years of their lives.

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch (TV) Review


I recently decided to take a step back to my childhood and purchase Sabrina the Teenage witch box set on DVD. I will admit though that it wasn’t totally random I actually saw season one for £2.99 in HMV and I picked it up but then decided what was the point in buying just season one? So I then went to the best place to buy well anything online with Amazon and it was £29.99 for the box set containing all seven seasons!


I had thought about doing separate reviews for each season but then realised that no one would want to read all of those so decided to condense it into one bigger review and after I finished a season I would then update it. Not that the seasons take very long to watch, something that is amazing with the earlier episodes at least is that I can still remember everything about them. It’s also great to see so many famous guest stars too. What I hadn’t remembered about was the constant changes in cast and therefore new friends for Sabrina.

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Musical Moments – Power Rangers Theme

As you are all very much aware of I throughly enjoyed the new Power Rangers film the other day as I was such a fan of the 90s TV and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers film back in the day and I think now it is still very much a guilty pleasure.

So to celebrate that this Monday the musical moments are coming with the Power Rangers Theme! I am actually going to include a few different versions of it as well, come on who is still as geeky as I am?

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Full House (TV Series) Review


I fall into that Netflix binge watching of TV series every now and then, that was exactly the same with Full House. Something I had heard a lot about over the years (launching the Olsen twins career) but strangely I had never actually watched it before. Running from 1987 (the year I was born) until 1995 with an impressive 8 seasons it certainly has all of the qualities of TV shows from the 80/90s.

The very start of the show is Danny Tanner having to come to terms with the death of his wife and then facing the task of raising his three daughters. He isn’t going to be doing this alone though as his brother in law Jesse is going to help along with his friend Joey. I guess we can compare to Three Men and a Baby then Three Men and a Little Lady except they have three girls to raise and one is still a baby!

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How I Met Your Mother (TV Series)


Yes, I have had another obsession via Netflix when it comes to a TV Series. I know it has been a while since the whole Gossip Girl binge but at least this one was a little bit different as I had seen a couple of the episodes randomly and not in any particular order. So I didn’t really get what it was all about. But a month or so ago now I started watching it and in true Netflix style could not stop, next episode, next episode and it did not really take me a massive amount of time to watch all 9 seasons. It was very sad getting to the last season and then few episodes though, something I am pleased I have just watched now as the age of the characters at the start is pretty much where I am at now so it certainly touched a lot of nerves throughout.


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Gossip Girl XO XO

Instead of doing season by season review and the fact that I couldn’t wait to watch the next episode or season for that matter. Honestly my life was consumed by Gossip Girl and I could not resist watching the next episode let’s face it though Netflix makes it easy for you. Only having to press a button when faced with this question …

But when you are asked this question three times in one day/night. You actually have to think should I really still be watching? So thank you Netflix for making me judge myself!

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FlashForward – Episodes 4 & 5

I have just finished watching a double bill of FlashForward as last week, episode 3 got deleted off Sky+ so had to record it again on Friday. So then decided just to wait until this morning when episode 4 had been recorded as well. Plus side of watching it after its been recorded? Fast forwarding the adverts. It was actually quite difficult to watch 2 episodes in a row, as so much information to take in from each episode.

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FlashForward – TV Series

FlashForward is a new TV show,  which is 3 episodes into a run of 22. I have been watching it and pretty much hooked so far, as it’s just so interesting as you never really can see what is going to happen next. In the pilot episode, a mysterious paranormal event causes everyone on the planet to simultaneously lose consciousness for 137 seconds. In the 137 seconds everyone gets a glimpse of what is going to happen 6 months in the future. Everyone’s flashforward pointed to the same date in the future, but what if you did not see anything? Does that mean you will be dead by that date?

A group of FBI Agents in LA begin to try and figure out why exactly everyone lost conciousness and what it all means. Finding out different flashforwards and trying to piece them all together creating a big picture to see what exactly is going to happen or potentially going to happen and if it is possible to stop them from coming true. Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes) is one of the agents really wanting to figure out what his flashforward meant as he was sure that he figures out who or what caused it all.


The team are also trying to figure out if it will happen again. Different events occur which take everyone a step closer to there flashforward coming true. Which is very strange as they are all still trying to come to terms with what they saw. However, some people are very happy with their flashforwards and would just love for them to come true. While those who had flashforwards of things which were awful do not want them to come true. Especially if changes happened which they would never have expected and still cannot see happening. So can people change what seems destined to happen? That will hopefully be a question that will be answered over the series and next episodes.

Episode 1 – showed when the flashforward’s first occurred and the beginning of the investigation of how, why and if it would happen again. With everyone talking about what they saw, when everyone became unconscious it caused a lot of car crashes and everything as people were driving. So this caused a lot of accidents which needed to be sorted out.

Episode 2 – Mark’s daughter Charlie eventually told what she saw, and knew D. Gibbon’s was a bad man. The name which is on Mark’s wall in his flashforward, and is therefore a prime suspect so far in the case of who is involved in the whole thing.

Episode 3 – Demetri has a conversation with a woman who tells him the exact date that he will be murdered on. Mark goes to Germany to talk to a former Nazi who was in prison for war crimes who claims he has information on what was going on. He was told that the dead crows are significant in to figuring things out.


 So far I am really hooked on this show and so interested to see which direction it goes in over the next 19 episodes of the season. I will probably find myself posting in depth posts after each episode which airs in the UK on a Monday night at 10pm on channel Five. Which is only a few days after it is on in the US which I think is very good, as not really much chance of seeing any spoilers about the show. I have noticed that a lot of people I know are watching this show, so hopefully will be something to talk about. I do not often watch new TV shows like this, wanting to see the next episode and wonder what happens next. So hopefully this show will keep me wanting to see what happens next and look forward to the next episode. So far so good!

What is everyone else’s views on this show?