The Intern (2015) Review

Ben is 70 years old and a widower who is no longer sure what to do with his life, having already packed so many things in. When a local company is advertising for senior interns he decides to give it a shot and have something constructive to do with his time.

Now I must start this review by saying how much I enjoy Nancy Meyers films, they are always very easy and simple to watch. I don’t mean that in bad way, just easy to take in and have a certain charm about them. This one is no different and really does have a massive amount of charm from start to finish. Who better to carry that than Robert De Niro in a brilliant performance in all honesty, much better than the films he has given himself to over the past decade or so.

Throw in Anne Hathaway as the very driven owner Jules, struggling to balance all aspects of her life. She does not take kindly to Ben at all to begin with as just thinks that he is too observant and getting into her life way too much. But that soon changes as she realises that Ben is actually what she needs in her life. I think the nicest thing about this film/story had to be that it reminds us that no matter how old we are, what we have achieved we always need a friend.

The film was cute and De Niro did carry off so many parts of it well, mixing with the younger men. Not only looking after them, but teaching them manners and bringing back some class into the work place. The parts with social media and how it was all based around an internet company was interesting to see how someone from an older generation adapted. I have to mention the product placement from Apple though, plenty of iPhone’s, MacBook’s and iMac’s in this one! Not forgetting plenty of Starbucks as well.

While the plot is not massive I don’t really think it had to be, as the charm and kind nature of the film was good enough for me. I have been through (still going through) a tough time at the moment and this was certainly a nice watch to take my mind off everything in my life. Even made me smile a few times as well, which may not seem like much but I think that’s a good thing from a film to make you smile.

Some parts are a little cliché and you will see different things coming a mile off but again because the way it was all put together that is not something that really bothered me. Sometimes you just need films like this that take the edge off everything, and with De Niro and Hathaway you know you are in for some good performances.

I hope it makes people think about the different relationships you have in your life. Should it really matter on age and if someone is “very old?”- It made me think that it really doesn’t actually matter at the end of the day and a big thing to really take from this film is that by just talking to someone of a different age you can teach each other so many things.

I also felt that Jules character was a good one for women to look at as she was still frowned at for not being a stay at home mother, and letting her husband take on that role. Just showing that things haven’t totally changed, so I really liked that was also put in this film. Seeing a very driven woman who made things happen for herself, but can she do it all?

You will have to watch the film to find out that one. I do hope that this gets plenty of people heading to see it and give it a chance as it is a very lighthearted relief from some of the heavy films that have been coming out lately!

5 thoughts on “The Intern (2015) Review

  1. Cool review yo, I wacthed the film last week and enjoyed it more than I thought I would, De Niro and Hathaway have good chemistry and like you said, some of the plot points you can see coming a mile off, however it is simple, charming anf fun so I didn’t mind too much.

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