7 Incredible Daniel Craig Photos!

So with the release of Spectre, while not the greatest film ever like some people will have you believe. It has reminded me of my love for Daniel Craig and how much I fangirl over him. Yes really. This all started with Casino Royale in all honesty and I don’t have many of his filmography left to watch. So I decided to have a fangirl moment and pick seven of my favourite photos of Daniel Craig . . .

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Top 10 Bond Cars

The James Bond film series is known for its repetitive elements. There’s always some witty banter with Q about new gadgets, for example, and we all know about the excitement that surrounds each new “Bond Girl” and each film’s introduction song. Another element that’s always of great interest to fans is the “Bond Car,” which is usually at the cutting edge of the automobile industry.

Ranking the best of these cars over so many years of film is a very subjective process. There is no “best” Bond car by any exact definition (though I suppose the latest would likely offer the highest quality performance), and people’s preferences will always differ. Some, at this point, love looking back on the older Bond cars that are now considered vintage. Others love nothing more than the latest and most impressive vehicles that Daniel Craig has been whizzing around in as 007 for the last few years.

At any rate, in celebration of the release of Spectre, here’s a look back at what I’d list as the top-10 Bond cars . . .

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