Jersey Boys (UK Tour) – Sunderland Empire Review


Matt Corner – Frankie Valli

Stephen Webb – Tommy Devito

Sam Ferriday – Bob Gaudio

Lewis Griffiths – Nick Massi

Show Date – Saturday 19th September 2015

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Gotham (Season 1) Review

In Gotham we seeĀ James Gordon starting out in the Police Department as he takes on his first case, the murder of the Wayne’s and how this causes absolute chaos in the city. The series also gives us many different origin stories of the many villains.

Let’s face it Batman has always been on favourite and still is my favourite no matter how hard Iron Man tried! Ok anyway I had tried to watch this and recorded it on Sky, but never actually got round to have the time to watch it. That changed though a few weeks ago when I spotted the series on Netflix. Such an easier way to watch a TV series (and very addictive) next episode, next episode.

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Geordie The Musical – Customs House – Review


Eleanor Chaganis – Maggie Melia

Micky Cochrane – Tommy Armstrong

Phil Corbitt – Robert Charlton

Adam Donaldson – John Thompson

James Hedley – Joshua Adams

Adele Lowe – Bella Melia

Luke Maddison – Michael Cumisky

Donald McBride – Oliver Heslop

Shaun Prendergast – James Melia

Written by – Tom Kelly

Story by – Andy Bogle

Show Date – Saturday 5th September 2015 (2:30pm)

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