Falling in Love (1984) Review

During a shopping trip in New York City Frank and Molly literally run into each other and have a chance encounter. During this encounter books are swapped which are for Christmas presents.

Months later they are again thrown together being on the same train and recognise each other. From then on they become rather close friends and their relationship grows. Their feelings also get stronger for each other and they can no longer function properly without thinking about the other. They pretty much fall in love very quickly.

One problem though. They are both married!

You can feel the chemistry and tension between the pair as they both know they cannot be together but that doesn’t stop them wanting each other. I think a key factor in this film as when they get the chance to actually sleep together Molly just cannot do it. The guilt of it all gets too much and she cannot go through with it although she later comes to regret this.

Something I liked about this film was that the characters showed remorse and did not just quickly leave their spouses and live happily ever after. They went through hard times and it was not an easy thing to deal with. If anything this film has to be about fate? I did love the train scenes, honestly something so fantastic about people meeting on a train. Although due to smart phones and tablets I cannot imagine that ever actually happening in this day and age.

Do you believe in love at first sight or a connection? As that is certainly something this film will make you think about. No matter on your situation if you have that connection and spark with another person is it something you can just ignore and walk away from? I guess that’s not something you can actually answer until your put in that situation.

Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro have great chemistry and really do work so well together. It is believable and they both show how well they can act and keep up with one another. So pleased that I stumbled across this film on Netflix as hadn’t even heard about it before and thoroughly enjoyed watching it on a lazy Sunday. Who doesn’t want to watch them in something together, and remember when De Niro had the charm!

At times it may be a little bit weak but the performances pull you through, I had a bit of a link to Bridges of Madison County, Meryl Streep and cars in the rain is never a good sign in a scene! Something just doesn’t go right for her in those situations. It is a nice romantic film which doesn’t go to far with the affair and doesn’t even label it as such.

Must also mention Harvey Keitel’s role as the best friend, works very well and he also has great chemistry with De Niro. I guess it’s a bit of change for the pair of them to be in a romantic film rather than gangsters and shooting people. So if you have Netflix and want something nice to watch this would be a great choice.

7 thoughts on “Falling in Love (1984) Review

    • Yeah I’d never heard of it before watching it today. It’s an easy watch and who doesn’t like the idea of them in a film together 🙂


    • Yeah totally, it isn’t a very well known film that’s for sure. I guess it doesn’t really offer anything major but it was a cute film to watch on a Sunday afternoon.


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