Chorus Line (1985) Review

The film is about an auction to be in a chorus line of a new Broadway show, the director is very demanding and it is a day which will really push everyone to the limits.

You see the process of casting a show unfold before your eyes, as the numbers dwindle down to the last hopefuls. It must be a difficult world with so many dancers competing for just one spot. Mentally and physically they are draining before your eyes. Zach the choreographer doesn’t seem to be just watching their dancing skills as he begins to ask questions and learn more about each dancer. How they became a dancer and why all they want to do is dance on a Broadway stage.

The film is based on the hit Broadway show and doesn’t seem to be the best stage to screen transition, it seems to miss the point of some of the songs making it look better on-screen rather than keeping the emotion and sometimes point of it all. Quite a lot of focus is placed on the relationship between Zach and Cassie, or building up to wondering what happened between them in the past. He seems very hurt by it all and is extra hard on her when she decides to audition as she really needs a job.

The musical numbers are captured well and you will want to sing along, the dance routines look pretty good but I think that’s something it could have done even better with. The end scene with One is very glitz and glam which looks good and a nice way to end it all. After they eventually find out who will be in the chorus line.

I guess Michael Douglas seems a strange choice to have in a musical, but don’t worry he doesn’t actually sing! He is good as the moody choreographer who demands so much from the dancers. The other casting seems to be ok as well, with Broadway and stage stars in the roles especially Alyson Reed as Cassie. She had been on Broadway and been nominated for Tony Awards for her work in musicals.

This is a show I have always wanted to see on the stage as heard it really is fantastic to watch, hopefully I will get to see it at some point in the future. I guess for now I have this film version to keep me going, it’s not the worst film you will watch and the songs are catchy!

6 thoughts on “Chorus Line (1985) Review

  1. I don’t think I’ve seen A Chorus Line since what I think was its premiere on BBC1 one Saturday night in the early 90s. I was a teenager, but it’s still there in my head. One watch and I can still remember it rather well.


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