Some Like It Hot (1959) Review

Joe and Jerry are musicians who witness a mob hit and then flee the state disguised as women with an all female band . . .

This was the first time I have watched this film and the main thing I was thinking throughout was why I had not seen it before. I really loved everything about it from start to finish. I just found it to have such a brilliant flow to it all, and such innocence at the same time. Which is so refreshing and not something we tend to find in newer films.

You can easily imagine the things that are going to happen when two men are dressed as women and trying to remember that they are not currently men . . . well on the outside. Something I found amazing about this film was how long we had to wait to see Monroe. It really was quite far into the film for some reason I just expected to see her so much sooner.

When she is on the screen though it lights up so incredibly, I still find that just incredible with the screen presence she brings to a film. You just don’t see that from actresses now. I guess that is why Marilyn is still loved so much from the films she made. We see her perform the song ‘I Wanna Be Loved By You’ and while she is a ditzy blonde type, she’s still so real.

The film is funny, romantic at times but most importantly has such a good heart. Mainly brought from the performances from Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon who are such charming men but also very good at playing the woman part. Bringing the comedy to the screen in such a brilliant way. I love how nobody even suspects them to be men, even after some of the strange behaviour.

The ending and last lines are possibly my favorite ending to a film as it was just so funny, and controversal at the time I am betting. “But I’m a man” “Well nobody’s perfect” . . . honesty I loved that moment so much! I can see this film easily becoming one of my favorites of all time! I just don’t know how I waited this long to eventually watch this film. What had I been keeping from myself?!?! This will be the first viewing of many I am sure, as I loved everything about this film.

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