The Switch (2010) Review

Wally and Kassie have been friends for years, after attempting to date each other. Once Kassie announces her decision to have a child, using a sperm donor everything changes. After the I am getting pregnant party Kassie leaves to have her son.

7 Years later Kassie who has just been in contact with Wally via email and Christmas cards calls him to tell him that she is moving back to NYC with her son Sebastian. But something that Kassie has no idea about (and that Wally doesn’t really remember) is that Wally replaced the donors sperm with his own!

I have to admit that I found this film to actually be rather emotional, I didn’t think that would be possible. I thought it was going to be a more silly film than taking a serious approach. As I guess this way of having a child is something that is more common now as it really is an option for women. It also shows that they have given up on finding a man and showing romance truly is dead and gone.

Aniston and Bateman worked very well together and had a believable relationship as very close friends who we are never sure if there will be anything more between them. We are kept guessing about that until the very end. I think the nicest relationship has to be between Wally and Sebastian, just showing that you really do have a father/son bond. I thought the head-lice scenes were so amusing yet nice at the same time.

This film does have a heart, which may seem rather strange with subject of it. I was so surprised throughout and found it to be a pleasant experience from start to finish. It’s nothing special but it does the job of entertaining you, taking a very different approach on the usual rom-com formats and endings. It is watchable!

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