Arthur Christmas (2011) Review

What if Santa Clause went hi-tech and one little girl come Christmas morning was not going to have a present to open from Santa?

In this film we see that the North Pole has gone very high-tech and the elves help Santa in delivering the presents to all of the children all over the world. We see that the sleigh has been replaced by what looks like a giant space ship and no longer pulled by the reindeer.

Arthur who is Santa’s youngest son loves reading all of the letters from the young children who are asking for one special toy for Christmas. So when one present is then left in the North Pole on Christmas Eve and his brother Steve and father do not seem too bothered that one little girl won’t get her gift, he teams up with his grandfather to ensure she receives her gift from Santa before Christmas Day is upon them.

This involves getting out the old sleigh and calling upon the trusty reindeer to once again pull the sleigh to deliver that final present. This was not an easy task at all and they encountered many problems along the way. Mainly not being able to find the right direction to get to England.

I wasn’t really expecting very much from this film which I think helped me to enjoy it even more. I went in with an open mind and not feeling the Christmas spirit. So heading to the cinema to see this on Christmas Eve Eve really did make a difference and helped me get into the Christmas mood. Mainly because it had a very high Santa theme – which I think has been missing from Christmas films in the past few years.

It really was a brilliant story for children to watch in the lead up to Christmas and get into the spirit showing them that Santa will never leave out any child on Christmas morning when it comes to that one special present! You had to just love Arthur as well with his attitude and determination remembering what Christmas is all about when you are a young child. That is the magic of Santa and the North Pole.

I also found that some of the jokes and one liners were very much aimed towards the adults who would be in the audience as well. So a very good animated film with something for people of all ages.

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