Top 10: Young Actors

I have watched a few movies recently and thought that the actor in it has a fantastic career ahead of them so decided to make a top 10 list of those actors. With a few reasons why  I think they will keep progressing and go on to do great things (potentially), from the movies I have seen them in. I decided to define the young actor, as an actor under the age of 30.

10. Robert Pattinson

Age: 23

 Will Robert ever be able to get away from Edward Cullen? Its going to be a massive task especially as the Twilight series is still going to go on for another two installments after New Moon is released in November. I am sure only time will tell as Robert gets older and depending on the choices of movies he makes.

9. Shia Labeouf

Age: 23

Shia has already been touted the next big thing for a few years now and he still only 23 years old. With Transformers being a big box office hit, then going on to star in the sequel with Disturbia and Eagle Eye in between. He so far has seemed to go a bit more towards the action/thriller genre so will be interesting to see what he does in the next few years. He is currently filming Wall Street 2 which should be a different direction for him, I will very much look forward to seeing that one.

8. Channing Tatum

Age: 29

 First came to attention in Step Up and Shes the Man, he has headlined to films this year, G.I. Joe and Fighting (I am yet to see both of these) but I still think Channing has a lot of potential on the acting front. I really did totally fall in love with him in She’s the Man as he was just so lovely in it, especially as he was a footballer as well which kinda helped.

7. Freddie Highmore

Age: 17

 The youngest actor in the list who will soon have to attempt the difficult task of going from child star to actor. But if his young performances are anything to go by he has a very bright future. Staring with Johnny Depp twice in  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Finding Neverland. The later of which showed what a bright young talent he is.

6. Michael Cera

Age: 21

 The geeky cute guy you cannot help but like seems to be the type of character Michael plays, in Superbad and my favorite Juno. He really has that adorable edge down with his geekiness. I really do just think that there is something about Michael that is quite difficult to explain, he just seems to have a cute charm going on about him.

5. Ryan Gosling

Age: 28

Ryan already has received an Oscar nomination and been in some high profile movies with some big name actors and actresses including Anthony Hopkins in Fracture, Sandra Bullock in Murder by Numbers. His most well known performance so far has to be as Noah in The Notebook. Ryan just has to keep building after being nominated for an Oscar for his role in Half Nelson. He does not seem to want to stay “mainstream” and took on a tricky role in Lars and the Real Girl. So hopefully he will keep selecting interesting films which call for him to put in a good performance.

4. Ben Barnes

Age: 28

 Recently came to my attention in a massive way with his performance in Dorian Gray. I thought he was just fantastic heading the movie, which while it was not the best thing ever made he still made a very good impression as an actor. I then caught him as Prince Caspin in Chronicles of Narnia and was more impressed. I cannot wait to see more from Ben and catch up on already released movies such as Easy Virtue. Now Ben would seem to have his career in his own hands and could do many different roles from what he has done so far.

3. Zac Efron

Age: 21

 Zac has to be one of the most well known young actors and he is still on 21 years old, all down to the High School Musical franchise. But he has branched out recently starring in 17 Again and has some very different projects in the works away from High School Musical and even musicals in general as he also starred in Hairspray. He dropped out of the remake of Footloose a few months ago in order to change the direction he is going in. So if Zac can change his path and get more serious roles under his belt to help show that he can do different things. He has even stated himself that he wants to move away from the teen heart throb and do more serious roles. Hopefully we will see that from Zac as it is going to be so difficult for him to do this.

2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Age: 28

 A former child star who is really starting to make his mark in the past few years. I remember first seeing him in 10 Things I Hate About You and thinking he was very good in that movie. However more recently catching him in 500 Days of Summer really made me think WOW he has something very special and so much potential to do great things in film. I definitely think Joseph can go in many different directions now and I hope that he continues to do movies that I enjoy to watch for different reasons.

1. Jim Sturgess

Age: 28

 Probably a big surprise to be at the top of my list, I have only seen him in two movies as well but was so blown away by him I think he could pretty much do any different roles. The first film I saw him in was Across the Universe which I just found incredible and Jim was fantastic in it. Not long after that I watched 21 and thought he was brilliant in that as well starring opposite Kevin Spacey. I am trying to catch up on movies Jim has already done which I have missed and look forward to what he is going to come up with in the future. He is definitely an actor I am going to be keeping a very close eye on.


14 thoughts on “Top 10: Young Actors

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  1. I started a list like this a few weeks ago. Mine was ten actors, ten actresses. I never finished it as I couldn’t find enough actors and had too many actresses. Now you stolen my thunder I may just go with the actresses and a link to your list for the actors.

    A few thoughts on the list:

    “Will Robert ever be able to get away from Edward Cullen?” I’m not sure he will; I think Daniel Radcliffe will have the same problem with Harry Potter.

    I think the Shia Labeouf and Michael Cera bubble may burst. They have both been good in what they have done but can they do different things as they get older and fashions change.

    I was vaguely aware of Joseph Gordon-Levitt from 3rd Rock from the Sun and 10 Things I Hate About You but then tipped him as a big star of the future after Brick. He never really lived up to that potential until (500) Days of Summer, now hes is back on track.

    And finally a suggestion for you. With a really impressive performance Ian Curtis in Control and a couple of potentially big movies coming up I expect great things for Sam Riley.

  2. I will check those two actors out.

    I was going to make it a mixed list, but could think of more actors than I could actresses. So I am interested to see your list of actresses.

  3. im surprised that you dont have Jamie Bell up there. i think he is probably one of the best young actors out there right now. and i mean REALLY actually talanted at acting, (unlike robert pattinson, for example).

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