Screen on the Green 2019 (Newcastle)


The screen on the green is back for 2019 and this is the film schedule throughout July and August, linking in with the six week school holidays!

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New Film Posters from Warner Bros.

I have recently seen this posters/covers around on DVDs and then they have started popping up on Amazon Video as well. They are very impressive and I keep searching for more of them, they seem to be Warner Bros films and they are just great!


With a nice quote from the film on them as well, which seems to be the most popular quote. I think these are really cool and will keep searching for more!

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Johnny Depp & Tim Burton: A Love Match Made in Heaven

The up and coming release of Alice in Wonderland will be the 7th collaboration between director Tim Burton and actor Johnny Depp. They keep putting out amazing films, with Depp putting in brilliant performances. We see it a lot when certain directors keep working with the same actors and putting out very good films, so once an actor finds a director who can bring out the best in them is it best for them to keep collaborating? I think so. Depp and Burton are a prime example of creating good films together which are wacky, wild and often random.

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Top 10: Young Actors

I have watched a few movies recently and thought that the actor in it has a fantastic career ahead of them so decided to make a top 10 list of those actors. With a few reasons why  I think they will keep progressing and go on to do great things (potentially), from the movies I have seen them in. I decided to define the young actor, as an actor under the age of 30.

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