Ghost (1990) Review

Last night after hearing the news of Patrick Swayze’s passing, I just had to watch “Ghost”. Ok so it was going to “Ghost” followed by “Dirty Dancing” but I had not long ago watched that. So decided to just focus on “Ghost”. With the famous pottery scene, unchained melody and Whoopi Goldberg winning an Oscar in the Supporting Actress role.

Sam (Patrick Swayze) and Molly (Demi Moore) are a young couple very much in love and move into a new apartment together. Are very much in love and the famous pottery sex scene happens . . . But not long after this Sam is killed but does not go to heaven as he cannot bare to leave Molly. Especially when he starts to find out that she is in danger. He ends up meeting a spiritualist Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg) who can hear him. She is shocked as she was always lying that she could hear ghosts, until Sam comes along and needs her to help him make sure Molly is alright and stop Carl (Tony Goldwyn) from getting the money he was laundering in accounts at work. The reason for Sam’s death, as Carl was the person who hired someone to steal his wallet but he ended up being killed.

Whoopi Goldberg won an Oscar for her role in this film. She really was just fantastic and so funny, even just by the way she was walking while wearing a certain outfit was hilarious and how crazy she looked shouting at Sam when she could not see him and no-one else could hear him. Patrick Swayze had to have already had his millions of female fans from “Dirty Dancing” three years before this film came out, so I am assuming that they all flocked to see this film which made it such a hit. It is still so well loved now and often on TV. Demi Moore was also very good, struggling to deal with the grief of losing the love of her life.

The final scene where Sam eventually goes has to be so heart breaking but lovely all at the same time which is quite a strange combination. But happy in the way that he is now going on to another place and that he made sure Molly was going to be alright without him and allowing her to move on.

I think this film brings up the very interesting point of what happens when we die and what happens to our loved ones. If they are in trouble can we stay to ensure they are alright or is that it for everything and you are just gone. I always remember watching this film when I was little and that scared me that I did not know what was going to happen after dying but its not like I know any different now but it does not scare me anymore. I think this film teaches us to make every moment count and never take anything for granted as you really never know when your time could be up. I would imagine a lot of people decided to watch this film upon hearing Patrick Swayze’s death and found it more sad than any other time that they watched it. I think this will remain his most well known film (along with Dirty Dancing) I am quite interested in which is the most popular.

Yes, Ghost is a great love story with one of the most popular scenes in cinema . . . the pottery scene will forever be a Patrick Swayze favorite scene.

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