The Postcard Killings (2020) Review

Jacob Kanon is a New York detective who heads to London to help with the investigation of his daughters death after she is murdered on her honeymoon. Strange postcards begin to arrive on the desk of Swedish art critic Dessie Larsson, as many couples are killed across Europe.


The opening scene gets straight to the point as we see someone killing a young couple and that pretty much sets the tone on how it is all going to go after that. That couple turn out to be Jacob’s daughter, he heads to London to identify the bodies and ends up getting involved in the investigation when police across Europe don’t seem to be working together to realise that it is actually the work of a serial killer.

Praying on young couples who are enjoying time in Europe and attempting to lure them we see that Simon and Marina are suspects at one point and Jacob is convinced that they killed his daughter. Without any actual evidence though it is not possible to charge them with anything.

With postcards sent after each murder a pattern should emerge right? Well, it attempts to shock in some twists and I have to admit that one around Marina and Simon is horrifying until an explanation around that, although it certainly makes for a very uncomfortable few minutes!

Considering I had not even heard of this film before deciding to watch it, I had zero expectations from it. Which I guess can often be a really good thing when watching a film, except of course when it is just bad in pretty much all possible ways. I cannot really think of anything positive to say about this film, I just did not enjoy anything about it at all. Unlikeable characters, even the ones we should have been rooting for made it just all that more difficult for me.

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