The Tragedy of Macbeth (2021) Review

A new version of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth.


Macbeth was a Scottish load who was approached by three witches who tell him that he will become the next King of Scotland, his wife then also becomes obsessed with this prophecy and it consumes them both. They want nothing more than the power that comes from being King, but Macbeth being King was not the only thing they were told, Banquo’s son’s are also destined to become Kings.

Even though I left school back in 2003, I still cannot get Macbeth out of my head. Studying it constantly for my GCSE English and having it as one of my favourite plays of Shakespeare that I studied over the years (I went on to do A Level English). Watching this film brought back so many of the lines, moments and scenes which I find so fascinating that you can remember so much of it. Not only how you pictured it but also other versions.

I thought this version from Joel Coen was shot in a truly remarkable way, black and white but full on 4K UHD is such a strange feeling but I loved the layout of the castle and the many different shots. Really hitting home that this who thing was a tragedy from Shakespeare. It looked visually stunning throughout and I have to admit that I wasn’t really excepting that, I hadn’t really thought about how it could possibly look and feel but this was so utterly perfect in setting the different scenes.

Denzel Washington was a truly outstanding Macbeth, we all know he is an incredible actor and being able to nail Shakespeare so effortlessly was a joy to witness. Pushing different limits and boundaries taking on this character. Frances McDormand was pretty much born to play Lady Macbeth, wasn’t she? It certainly felt like it and her ability to transform into the power hungry psycho was very good. The pair had good chemistry together and really brought Shakespeare to life, I mean imagine studying this play now and these are the actors you’re watching in the roles! The rest of the casting was spot on as well, I had no idea Brendan Gleeson was in the film so that was a lovely surprise.

I feel more films should actually be filmed in black and white still, it certainly still has a place within the film world and considering I watched Belfast and then this a week later they both are so powerful.

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