Poms (2019) Review

When Martha moves into a retirement community she does not really want to join or take part in any of the current group set ups, so she decides to form a cheerleading squad given that was something she was good at back in her High School days.


Trying to get the group to take off is not really very well received from some of the residents in particular Vicki as well as the relatives of some of the women who believe it is too dangerous for them (yes, that is frustrating). However with the quick forming friendship with Sheryl who supports Martha in the quest they are able to put together a group/team. When they attend a competition made up of high school teams they are shamed when it doesn’t fully go to plan and to make it worse this also results in going viral when one of the teens puts the recording on social media.

Chloe who was part of this team does not agree with the treatment though and finds herself joining them to help out and I quite frankly thought that was a fantastic sub-plot as part of the film. Why? Well, all teenagers are given the same rap that they don’t care about older people or anyone else and I felt that part was just nice really.

That was how I felt about the film as a whole, that it was actually really nice. We have complained for sometime now that as actresses get older they don’t get offered as many roles and I felt that this one highlights that they still have plenty to give. It also acts as a reminder to women that they don’t just have to stop doing things that they like and quite frankly that they can still experience new things.

Diane Keaton was the perfect choice in the more leading role with Jacki Weaver alongside her, both actresses I have seen in some fantastic films in the past few years still as well (The Book Club and Stage Mother being two I loved). So they really are flying the flag so coming together for Poms was something I felt I would enjoy. I often feel that we need more just nice films like this one and that is a positive thing, nothing groundbreaking but hitting a population that we will all reach one day. Anything that highlights something that is a physical activity at any age is a bonus. I thought Alisha Boe and Charlie Tahan did very well as the younger cast members and would help link everything together across the age gaps in different ways. Celia Weston deserves a mention for her slightly evil character who does not want them to cheer!

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