New York Minute (2004) Review

Jane and Roxy Ryan are teenage twins who live in Long Island. They couldn’t be more the opposite of each other and this leads to mayhem and chaos on a trip into Manhattan on a school day. Jane has the biggest day of her life and Roxy just wants to skip school for a Simple Plan event.


While Jane Ryan has worked hard her entire school life in order to get herself into a great college, when she has the opportunity to go to Oxford in England. The issue would be her twin sister Roxy who wrecked her day from the moment they got on the train. She was supposed to be at school and once again was truant and Max Lomax was following her in an attempt to catch her after so many years.

Each moment gets more ridiculous as the film goes on and thrown in are a couple of nice looking guys who distract them for a few moments from the tasks they wanted to do in New York City. Getting involved in illegal activity as soon as they got kicked off the train, not that actually knew much about it at that point.

Growing up I totally loved watching the Olsen twins in TV Shows and films, probably because they are only a year older than me and I could relate to so many moments. The biggest issue I then actually had with watching this film now was that I am no longer in the target age group for this film. In all honesty I think when this was released in 2004 I was already seeing myself as too cool to watch the Olsen twins films. Another reason I decided to watch this was my recent obsession with Schitt’s Creek and Eugene Levy being in this film. I seriously feel like it needed an explanation why I put myself through it. Oh and the running time was short which just happened to work.

It is clear and easy to understand still though just why Mary-Kate and Ashley were so popular. Everything they did just worked, even if they always played the same characters and never actually switched over. Mary-Kate always being the wild child and out of control. Ashley always being the smarter one and had goals. It did make me wonder if this was on purpose so people actually knew who was who?

I couldn’t bring myself to recommend this to well anyone to be brutal, it has not really aged very well. Does not have anything even remotely funny and will quite frankly just annoy the hell out of you from start to finish.

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