Dante’s Peak (1997) Review

When Harry Dalton a vulcanologist arrives in a town that was named the second most desirable place to live in America that was all about to change when the long dormant volcano Dante’s Peak could erupt at any given moment.


This is set up in typical disaster film style with Harry Dalton having memories of a previous volcano irruption still on his mind which saw the death of the only woman he has ever loved. He is very concerned about Dante’s Peak and attempts to put a warning in place and with the help of the mayor of the town Rachel Wando they want to protect people.

However his boss is not convinced and orders him to leave the following day and stop the work they had been doing and just monitor from further away. Obviously Harry was going to be right and the time scale ends up rather small as they attempt to then evacuate the place.

Harry and Rachel had been getting close to one another and he ends up helping her rescue her children who somehow managed to drive a car to attempt to rescue their grandmother Ruth who had refused to come down. Which creates even more chaos but an attempt to then add in some dramatic scenes.

It is what you can easily say is a standard 90s film and rather below average as well which was probably what I was actually expecting. I was unsure before watching whether I had watched this before or not, I don’t think I had if anything just the start?

I did find it a shame that a film that boasted Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton in the leading roles was such a let down. Both very well known for action style films, especially with this being after Brosnan’s Bond debut! Then Hamilton coming from her kick ass performances in Terminator. Although we need to accept that at times some films just fail to come together and that is probably the best way to think about this one. Falls rather short of any expectations that you might have (if you have any at all of course).

Maybe at times the low scores and votes on different film websites are actually right and you should take notice of them? Well, yes that is something to think about. Although I personally go for the “surely it cannot be that bad” and most of the time they actually are, however I will give any film a chance.

7 thoughts on “Dante’s Peak (1997) Review

  1. Haha – now, I have a certain soft spot for this movie…. it’s almost in the “so bad it’s good” category. The whole set up with the mayor (note: typo) ignoring the warnings is just a blatant rip off of Jaws. And who’s not gonna love the sizzling granny pushing the boat scene?!

    Was this just warming you up (no pun intended) for “Skyfire” on Amazon which seems in similar vein (albeit swapping Jaws for JP)?

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  2. It’s so bad, saw it again earlier this year, that it’s kinda hilarious! I’m not a fan of a fake b-movie thing, I get bored, but this one is so accidentally terrible, I think it’s stupid fun. Let alone all the cheesy lines!

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