I See You (2019) Review

In a small town where young boys have been disappearing for years and being murdered, the detective on the case must deal with that as well as his family falling apart and strange happenings within the home.


I See You is a rather impressive film, especially considering I didn’t know anything about it before watching it. I feel that could actually be the best thing to do with it. As it will make scenes more shocking and impressive. The film could be seen as two separate parts that make up the full story.

The first being the Harper family with Greg working as a detective on a case of a young boy within the town going missing. This is nothing new though as this has happened many times over the decades. But they locked the serial killer up for those murders, is a copy cat now starting again. Given the pen knife that has been linked to these cases and the old cases. With that his wife Jackie had an affair and currently attempting to repair the marriage, their son Connor is not willing to forgive her and shows rage about this. Over a couple of days strange things happen in the house and nothing can really be explained. Some of these moments totally creeped me out, as isn’t that your worst fear within your own home? Hearing noises and things being moved without anyone actually doing it? I certainly think so!

Then from this we are transported into what feels like part two of the film as we find out what “phrogging” is. Ok, let’s just get into that for a second as I had never heard of it before either. It is when people hide in a house without the people who own the house knowing about them. So having to stay hidden and quiet throughout the experience. Mindy is experienced at doing this and quite content with her lifestyle of moving from house to house. However she has brought Alec along to teach him about it and how to stay safe. Little does she know that this has all been part of a long term plan of his!

The two different things merge together and we are flipped back in time for explanations to the occurrences within the house. That now make perfect sense, although not something I could have ever guessed at all. The clever aspect about it all is how different events link up and moments mean so much more than you may have first realised.

I will admit that I did guess two of the plot twists but that did not make it any less enjoyable. I still doubted whether my guess would be right or not which was pretty funny. After getting very scared by the goings on in the first part which felt like I huge horror film it was lovely and refreshing the turns it then took. Always nice to find a true hidden gem film that you hadn’t even heard of before. It does make me wonder why I have not seen more people talking about this film?

The performances were strong and with Helen Hunt being in the film that was one of the major factors that made me watch it. I have been a big fan of many films within her career and it feels like years since I have seen something new from her. I thought she was impressive as Jackie and attempting to get over the affair and make things up with not only her husband but son in a believable performance. Jon Tenney was good opposite her and the strained relationship really did feel real. Judah Lewis as Connor had some good moments as well. I felt Owen Teague was a bit of a scene stealer along with Libe Barer.

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