42 (2013) Review

In 1947 Jackie Robinson would become the first African-American player in Major League Baseball in the modern era when he was signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers. It wasn’t going to be easy for him with the constant racism he would constantly face.


The racism factor was never going to be an easy watch and still makes you feel so uncomfortable knowing that he had to deal with this constantly. But then you think about what it was like for everyone in America and around the world back in this disturbed time. I always find it very tough to watch and be reminded how horrible and racist so many people were (I know some still are which is sickening). Hearing the N word throughout the film really does hit hard. 

The pace of the film is very good and works well to tell the story, how he attended the different training camps and then eventually being signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers for the season, with Branch Rickey really pushing for Robinson to play and admiring him as a very impressive ball player ahead of anything else. I found that rather inspiring in all honesty as it was always going to take one person to stand up and make everything change for the better.

Showing his personal life as well with his lovely relationship with Rachel who he married, they really were a good team and that was a well worked sub-plot that was honoured but did not place everything around it. Which I felt worked best for the tone and story within the film.

I didn’t check any of the historical facts especially when it came to his teammates. But this creates very powerful moments within the film as they accept that he is a fantastic player. Sticking up for him and truly making him part of the team, I just felt as though they wouldn’t have taken to him so quickly? 

Chadwick Boseman is perfect as Robinson and manages to capture a terrific performance. The scene where he eventually loses it after being pushed to the limit. Smashing a bat in the tunnel really was on another level. He captured the torture Robinson was facing each and everyday while also showing his good and nice nature at the same time. Harrison Ford is equally as impressive and I had no idea just how powerful his performance would be. So I am adding that in as a bonus really as had never even heard of his character before and how important he actually was on the whole.

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