No Country for Old Men (2007) Review


When hunter Llewelyn Moss stumbles upon a drug deal that went very wrong and finds two million dollars in cash near Rio Grande it was never going to be easy to keep the money especially with psychopathic killer Anton Chigurgh tracking him!


No Country for Old Men won four Oscars including Best Picture in 2008 and since then I have attempted to watch this film many times, never managing to get past the first ten to fifteen minutes. I have now succeeded in watching the whole film and quite frankly I wasn’t blown away by it and found myself rather bored throughout. But I do feel that in the future I will give this film a second chance.

The performances are impressive though and Javier Bardem fully deserved his best supporting actor Oscar for his creepy and sadistic role that was something that was certainly a highlight in the film. Along with that Josh Brolin, Tommy Lee Jones, Woody Harrelson and Kelly Macdonald were all very impressive as well working very well together. So while I felt the performances were very good I was just bored with the slow pace of the film and just did not find the engagement that I know others have had.

Moss leaves his home and goes on the run with the money not realising to begin with that it had a tracker in it and that was how Chigurh was easily finding where he was. Then we throw in Sheriff Ed Tom Bell who was overseeing the investigation. The big chase of cat and mouse across different places and the build up to wondering how it is going to end for the different characters.

I have found the Coen brothers very hit miss over the years and considering I have struggled many times to try and watch this film the hype of how good so many people find it has always been one of this negative and more difficult things when attempting to understand why. Although I can fully appreciate why people really liked this film, I know it is not a bad film by any means I just didn’t enjoy or get fully into it. Something that I am perfectly ok in being able to admit considering we don’t like and love everything. One day I will give this film a second chance though I promise!

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