Grand Isle (2019) Review


Buddy is a young father who is being charged with murder by Detective Jones, in order to prove his innocence he must recall a very dark and twisted night with Walter and Fancy.


Grand Isle is a truly terrible film and sometimes you haven’t heard of films for a very good reason. This was the premiere on Sky Cinema so decided to watch it and I will fully blame that it has Kelsey Grammer in it as the reason I decided on that. His part wasn’t very big at all so very bad decision!

The creepy relationship between Walter and Fancy does not feel right from the first moment we see them and for Buddy to decide to spend the night in their house just seemed totally bonkers, even if his car was not working properly surely he noticed the signs to get out and way from them. See pretty much seduces him in front of her husband and given that Buddy had not had any action from his wife who had not long had their child he eventually gives in (it did not take very much at all). Then throw in teenagers and children going missing into an already bizarre plot and it gets even worse than all of that.

I would not recommend watching this one even if it was the only film you had the choice to watch. It really is not worth it even to experience how bad and strange the plot is to the terrible performances from the whole cast. Nicolas Cage really goes off the rails in a few scenes which did not really seem to fit in with anything other than the chance for him to shout and scream. KaDee Strickland is equally as bad and I guess that makes them a good pair in a very strange way?

Avoid at all costs.

2 thoughts on “Grand Isle (2019) Review

  1. I see Nicolas Cage mentioned in a films credits and I make a point to give it a very wide berth indeed. Kelsey Grammer, meanwhile,should have retired years ago, he’s done nothing worthwhile since Frasier, he should be happy enough he stumbled on such a goldmine even once during his career- and even then, that was more down to the quality writing than anything he brought to the table.


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