Night and the City (1992) Review


Harry Fabian is a lawyer who is incompetent and cheats his way through cases, he then decides that he wants to become a boxing promoter and throws everything into that borrowing money from different men. Can he handle it all before it closes in?


Harry spends a lot of his time in a bar called Boxers owned by Phil and Helen. He just happens to be having an affair with Helen, who wants to leave and set up her own bar. This is one of the smaller plot points which is supposed to build up in caring more towards the end but it fails in that sense to be honest.

The thing is though Harry is not a nice person and therefore it is actually very hard to be on his side when the different things happen to him. He is a chancer and it was never going to really work out for him. With the loads being taken out in an attempt to get a boxing event underway. He brings Al Grossman to be his partner and that must him against his brother Boom Boom – who is pretty much in charge of the boxing world.

It is a shame really that the way the story is done in the film that it just does not really work in the best manner. It had the potential to really show the behind the scenes of the boxing world and how everything is very disappointing when it comes to how it is put across in the film.

A slightly different role for Robert De Niro who is given the chance to show off his charisma in a different way to his other films. Just a shame that this overall was not the best film going or even close for that matter. Jessica Lange was decent in the supporting role and had some tough scenes. Eli Wallach was in a small role and it was good to see him in something else after eventually watching The Good, the Bad and the Ugly a week ago!

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