D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994) Review


The Ducks get a call up to represent the US at the Junior Goodwill Games in California with some new players added from different states. Can they perform with Coach Bombay in charge at a higher level?


Gordon Bombay had been playing ice hockey again in the minor league and he had to leave due to a bad knee injury. This then sees him being given he job as a coach for the Team USA Hockey team for the Junior Goodwill Games, with mainly his Ducks and some new players who certainly add to the character of the group and give them different options out on the ice as well. The bright lights of LA is something that Gordon has his head turned with and forgets the true reason of being there, for his players!

It really is a different step from the district league of Ice Hockey in Minnesota and adding new players into the Ducks was never going to be an easy task. Having to bond them all together as a new team and adapt to playing against different countries who have different styles. In particular Iceland who become the big rivals of Team USA in the tournament.

The coach of Iceland Wolf spent one year in the NHL but his brutal and horrendous playing style was not welcomed and he was quite frankly a disgrace. His team them adopt a similar style and that is not something that is welcomed, especially from Bombay. An interesting rivalry is created between not only the coaches but between the players as well.

The Ducks lose their way a little and it takes street kids and a game of street hockey to pull them back to remembering how they should play and the attitude towards it. Also seeing Russ and his knuckle puck shot getting drafted into the US team! Adam Banks has put pressure on himself to impress the scouts attending the games. The best of the new characters after Russ of course had to be Portman, a bash brother who is quite frankly crazy and gives the team a more physical edge.

I found the way Bombay went off towards the money of LA and forgot about the kids rather frustrating, even if I did know he would make the right decision in the end. I felt it undone some of the good work from the first film in his character development which was a little bit of a shame really. A small thing I felt was that Wolf was a similar icy character to Ivan Drago from Rocky IV.

D2 does not have the same type of magic as the first film but it is still fun enough to watch and brings different challenges. Always showing that going back to basics works out in the best possible way. Charlie also gets a very big moment to prove that he should be captain of The Ducks!

I don’t really remember if I had actually seen this film before or not, I couldn’t really recall any of the storyline in all honesty. Especially considering my excitement when a young Kenan Thompson showed up, I used to love Kenan & Kel as a kid! He still looks exactly the same to this day as well!

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