D3: The Mighty Ducks (1996) Review


The Ducks/Team USA are ready to start High School and they get scholarships to a prestigious prep school following the success of their achievements in D2, they are not welcomed into the school and must take on the variety team with a new coach!


That’s right Coach Bombay is no more of the Ducks who are constantly told they are no longer Ducks they will be Warriors now. Coming into a school that is very successful in all possible ways including a winning hockey team. Coach Ted Orion is the man taking on the team and in all honesty everything about him actually shows that he is a good coach. He had done his research into the way the Ducks had been playing and wanted to help them improve by working on defence. But Charlie Conway did not take well to the different approach.

He was only ever trying to do his job and develop the players, maybe not getting to know them individually was a little bit of a mistake. But working on that defensive side of the game would actually make them a much better and stronger team. Starting the new school with mainly rich kids was a very tough transition for our favourite ice hockey players. Especially considering they are getting older now as well, Charlie finds interest in one of the other students a girl and is a little bit distracted by that at times.

I wasn’t expecting Gordon to just leave the kids especially as we are told he was the man who sorted out the scholarships. Not to worry though as he does appear again (a couple of times0 when he is needed the most. Again making certain things very predictable but thats not really a big issue or anything as by a third film we are pretty confident on what we are going to get from it.

The biggest issue I have with this film is that a high school rivalry seems a backwards step from representing the USA in the Goodwill Games. So I think if it has been swapped with 2 and 3 the other way round they might have had a little bit more going for them. It’s a bit of a shame really, as some of it just seems a little bit more trivial that after those games people still don’t give them enough credit for actually being good players or even a half decent team? That doesn’t really make much sense for me.

Throwing in that Adam gets put in the varsity team so ends up against his friends, considering how long it took for him to be accepted and fully become a duck himself. So I would say that this film is a little bit too disjointed and that leads to it being disappointing overall. Although the ice hockey scenes look good compared to the first two right?

I did think Jefferey Nordling was a good addition as Coach Ted Orion as he does add something different, shame we couldn’t have had him working with Emilio Estevez with the team as that would have really helped everyone improve. Ok I know its not real and just a film! I am very excited that Disney+ have a new Mighty Ducks series in the works though!

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